28 May 2013

Hair Care Tips

Maintaining lovely locks can seem a hassle but following a few simple steps can make caring for your hair a lot easier. I use these tips and I feel that this has given me better looking and stronger hair. Everyone has different types of hair from thick to thin, light to dark, short to long, even coloured so it goes without saying that you know what works and what doesn't for your own hair. So here are hair care tips for you all. 

  • Don't wash your hair every day. Washing your hair everyday strips all the natural oils that keep your hair healthy and strong. Try and wash your hair at least every other day or if you can leave for 3 days and then wash. At first your hair will be greasy but that is only because it is used to be being washed every day after a month or so it will get used to it and the wash will last longer.
  • Use a wide tooth comb on wet hair. When hair is wet it damages easily. To protect hair when wet use a wide tooth comb to untangle any knots. 
  • Don't over handle hair. This includes brushing your hair too much, using hot tools and styling tools every day, as well as fiddling and twisting your hair. 
  • Protect your hair. When using hot tools including, straighteners, curlers, hair dryers etc, make sure that you use a heat protector. This helps to keep hair protected from the heat of the tools. As well as this try and use the lowest heat setting that you can.
  • Cold is better than hot. From using a lower heat setting on tools to the temperature of the water when you wash your hair. The colder the better, as heat will weaken and damage the hair.
  • Have a regular hair cut. Even if you want to grow out your hair you must trim it. This is to cut of any split ends and will also keep hair healthy and strong.
  • Less is best. Try to use as little products as you can on your hair. Every time you put a product in your hair it will weigh it down. To keep light, weightless hair don't pile on every hair product you can find, only use the products that you really need. Also remember that in every product is chemicals and that putting loads of chemicals on your hair isn't doing it any good. 
  • Give your hair a breather. Every now and then just let your hair do what it wants to do naturally. Let it air dry whenever you can and if you aren't going anywhere try not to style it. 
So there are my tips to keeping luscious locks. If you have found this helpful or have any other tried and tested tips leave them in the comments below, as I love to hear from you all.
Love Bella x 

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