31 May 2014

May Favourites

This month I have rediscovered some products and tried some new ones too. In fact two of these products feature on my first favourites post. These products are the 'POREfessional' and 'hide the blemish concealer'. 

Rimmel - Hide the Blemish Concealer. This was one of the first ever concealers I used and liked. It was a firm favourite of mine for ages, then when I came to the end of it my shade wasn't available, so I ended up trying other concealers and have recently re-found this product again. It is good for covering blemishes, under eye circles and imperfections. If you are looking for a good cheap concealer then look no further! (In fact I actually prefer this to the collection concealer)

Benefit - highbeam. I got this little sample sized highlighter in a set and I have been loving it! I have been reaching for this little product a lot recently to help give my skin a spring time glow. I have been dotting this along the top of my cheek bone and under my brow arch to help highlight and have had many compliments on my glowing skin! 

Balm Balm - Lip balm. I have been trying out lip balms for ages to find one I really like. (I used to like the vaseline lip balm, but after reading some things on how it isn't the best product for you I decided to find one that would be better.) So after trying a few and not really liking many I came across this one from Balm Balm. It is 100% organic and can be used as more than just a lip balm! I have found that it moisturizes my lips and keeps them soft and looking pretty! I like to use this in the morning and evening and if my lips are really dry and need and extra boost I will apply when needed. 

Essie - bond with whomever. This polish was featured in my Essie nail polish collection post. It is a pretty pastel purple and perfect for spring. I haven't worn many purple shades of polish but I really like this one and again this polish has had some lovely compliments. 

Benefit - POREfessional. This is my favourite primer. I have loved it from the first time I used it. I have finally got a full sized one after getting by on sample sized ones received with purchases and in sets. I got this in the 'From Lee Lee With Love' tin and have talked about it more in my post reviewing the tin. So if you would like to find out a bit more have a look over this post. to sum up it smooths out the skin and creates a good base for makeup and even looks good on it's own.

Urban Decay - Naked 3. This palette is filled with beautiful rose gold eyeshadows. It has the most beautiful shades for spring, and includes my go to shadows for this time of year. It is quite a pricey palette but if you are a fellow eyeshadow lover than I would defiantly say it is worth investing in! If you want a look at the shadows inside have a look at this picture on my Instagram or on the Urban Decay site

What have been your favourite products this month? 
Love Bella x 

28 May 2014

Instagram Round Up

Shades of purple polish - Some Sunday pampering treats - Pretty floral nails

Loving this palette right now - Saturday shampooing - April Love Me Beauty box

My Essie nail polish collection - Pretty pink rose - The five product face

What have you been up to this month? 
Love Bella x 

25 May 2014

Love Me Beauty box - May Edition

Hooray the May beauty box is being reviewed and posted in May! As you may know I got my last two beauty boxes quite late in the month so only ended up posting about them in the next month. However I ordered my box earlier this month and now I am posting about it in the right month. Anyway enough of my rambling and onto what's inside! 

This month I chose the edition 1 box. his months box had some non beauty related products which I really like. I know that it may annoy some people as it is supposed to be a beauty box so beauty products should be the only things, but I really like that other things are mixed in with the beauty products. 

First up a lip balm from 'Raw Skincare'. It is an all natural lip balm said to protect and calm sore dry lips instantly. I got the lip balm in 'hint of mint'. I don't mind mint scents, but for those of you who aren't so keen there is also a ginger and plain. I also got three 'tea pigs' tea bags in 'chocolate flake tea'. It is described as a chocolate biscuit dunked into tea, so if like me you love a chocolate biscuit with your tea then maybe give this a whirl! 

Next up three pocket sized notebooks from 'go stationery'. I got the pattern 'vintage ditsy' and just love the cute patterns. These are perfect for popping in your handbag for making notes on the go. I am always making notes and writing down things I need to remember so these are a perfect little extra for me. Another thing I love is nail polish and to be more precise pink nail polish. I love pink polishes so much that I will collect every shade (yes even though some are very similar in shade)! So what better than to get a pretty pink polish and also from a nail brand I haven't tried before. This polish is quite expensive at £13.50 so I am expecting good things! 

Last but not least I got three trial sized pots from 'Suti'. I haven't heard of Suti before so I'm excited to see what they are like. I got sample of their 'cleanse balm', 'purity balm' and 'fabulous foot balm'. I am hoping that the foot balm will help my feet get summer ready. 

Here is a low down of the products included from the card included in the box.

Did you get this months beauty box? What product is your favourite? 
Love Bella x 

23 May 2014

Friday Five

Hello and happy Friday! Today's Friday Five is flamingo inspired. I have put together my top 5 favourite flamingo inspired items and sharing them with you today. So if you are a fellow flamingo lover then this post is for you! 

I love this cute flamingo phone case and think it is perfect for brightening up your phone and also a great summer time case!

I love this jumper, I think the sequin flamingo is so pretty! It would also be a good lightweight jumper for when the weather is warm but still a bit to cold to not wear a jumper. 

This cushion would be perfect for adding a pop of pink into a room. I really like that the design is quite simple and not too busy looking. 

This top is great for the upcoming summer months. You can't see in this picture but there are little pearl beaded decorations on some of the flamingos, which I love!

When I was scrolling through the ASOS website, this clutch caught my eye straight away and I immediately fell in love with it! I just love it and think it would be great for spring and summer. 

Which one is your favourite? Have you found any other flamingo items that you love? 
Love Bella x 

21 May 2014

Benefit 'From Lee Lee With Love' Tin

Hello beauties, today I will be talking about Benefit's 'From Lee Lee With Love' tin. Now for any Benefit lovers this is the perfect buy. For starters the tin it's self is just so pretty! I love the colours and patterns used and think it looks so lovely sat on my dresser. Another great thing is that the pictures of the products are sticker, so can be removed leaving a beautifully pattern tin. 

Now onto the products! The tin includes a full sized 'they're real' mascara and 'POREfessional' primer and a sample sized 'laugh with me lee lee' fragrance. I have tried sample sizes of both the mascara and primer, but haven't tried any of Benefit's fragrances before. 

'They're real' is one of the most hyped about mascaras, it has also won lots of beauty awards. It's staying power is good although I have found that it can fall under my eyes and needs wiping away towards the end of the day, but it doesn't give a 'panda eye' look. It is easy to apply and the brush is great at coating every eyelash, even the ones in the corners of your eye! You only need to apply one coat and you are good to go! I would recommend this to any mascara loving girls as it is worth spending that bit extra if you are going to wear it everyday. 

'Laugh with me lee lee' is described as a woody floral with a light blend of citrus. Now if you know me, you will know that I love citrus scents, with my favourite fragrance being L'Occitane Citrus Verbena Summer Fragrance. This perfume is a light, pretty and feminine fragrance and perfect to wear at this time of year. Now for those of you who know your stuff when it comes to fragrances here is a list of the notes: Top notes: cassis, melon, citrus. Middle notes: black violet, lily, jasmine. Bottom notes: blonde wood, amber, santal.

'The POREfessional' primer is the first primer I used and has stayed my favourite since. It is the UK number 1 best selling primer, and again like the mascara has won many beauty awards. It helps smooth out the look of your skin as well as creating an even base for your foundation. It is so easy to apply and doesn't have a heavy or sticky feel to it. Another great thing about this product is that as well as using it as a primer underneath your makeup, it can also be used on top of makeup too, or even on it's own! 

Well that's enough of my beauty ramblings for today! Have you tried any of these Benefit products?
Love Bella x 

18 May 2014

1st Blogiversary

Today is my blogs 1st birthday! I can't believe how fast a whole year has gone by, it really does feel like only yesterday I sat down and wrote my very first blog post. I wanted to create a space that I could share my beauty findings and things I have learn't along the way. 

With my blog I have learnt something new all the time. When I first started I didn't really know how much went into blogging, but I have loved learning how to do all these things, from html, to creating a header and blog button, to getting a good clear photograph of a product. It can be challenging (yes i'm looking at you html codes!), but i'm so proud of what I have accomplished so far! 

I have created a 'first year of blogging timeline' and marked on the big moments for my blog. Of course it all started when I created my blog and wrote my first post. I got my first ever comment in June. Then at the end of October I decided that I wanted to change my blogs name as I didn't really like it that much and found that 'Miss Bella blogs' was much better suited. When changing my blogs name I sort of started again, but kept all my posts. Of course as i'm not all that good with the tech side of things, I didn't know how to transfer followers or anything like that, but I decided that I would rather start from fresh anyway. So it was sort of like starting new but with a few posts under my belt. 

Then three months later in January I reached 50 followers on bloglovin'! It was such a lovely way for the new year to start, and lovely to know that 50 people liked my blog enough to follow.

Then only just over a month later I reached 100 followers on bloglovin'! I couldn't believe how fast I reached 100 and it is so amazing to know that 100 people wanted to follow my little blog! 

I really had an event packed three months as then in March I posted my 100th blog post (which was my first OOTD)
Now onto present day and reaching my 1st year of blogging. Also this month I have changed my blogs look a bit and also added a header that I created. 

So that is my first year of blogging covered! I enjoy blogging so much and it still makes me so happy when someone leaves a comment or follows. I just want to say thank you to everyone that takes time to read my blog, leave a comment, follow, tweet etc. 
Love Bella x 

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P.s it would really mean a lot if you nominated my blog in the cosmo blog awards, virtual hugs if you do and if you are feeling super lovely and decide to nominated my blog let me know so I can send a thank you x 

15 May 2014

Nails of the Day

Nails inc recently released some floral effect polishes. So I made use of a 25% off code from last months Elle magazine and got the polish 'daisy lane'. I think that this is such a pretty polish to wear, and perfect for spring/summer. I used a pastel pink shade as a base and then put the floral polish over the top. 

This polish dried quickly and is staying on well. The only thing is that it is quite difficult to get the flowers onto the brush to then put onto the nail. So if you have some time to spare then this is a good polish, however not the best if you want to apply in a hurry. 

Do you like this floral polish? What's your favourite effects polish? 
Love Bella x 

12 May 2014

Favourite Things About Spring

Pastel colours
Pastel colours are my favourite colours! I love it when spring arrives and I can wear lots of pretty pastel clothes, and of course pastel nail polishes (especially pink)! 

Pretty flowers and blossoms 
I think spring flowers are so pretty and it is always so nice to go outside and see pretty flowers. This year my favourites would have to be tulips! I also love seeing all the blossom on the trees.

Better weather 
The weather slowly starts getting better and the days get longer, meaning we see more of the sun! Even though there is still a cold wind and quite often rain, there is still those sunny bright moments and days letting you know that summer is on the way.

Spring makeup
Much like a change up in clothes I like to switch up my makeup. Of course as I have already said I like to wear pretty pink polishes, I also like wearing softer, lighter coloured makeup. 

What are your favourite things about spring?
Love Bella x 

10 May 2014

Cosmo Blog Awards

Hello there! A quick post today on the Cosmopolitan blog awards. At the moment blogs can be nominated and I would really love it if you would take a few minutes to nominate my blog. I understand that there are so many amazing blogs out there, and many of you may have already nominated some or even your own, but it would be so lovely if you did nominate Miss Bella blogs! If you are feeling super lovely and decide to nominate my blog, it would be under 'best new beauty blog' and the Next 'best newcomer'

Let me know if you nominate me, and virtual hugs if you do! 
Love Bella x 

8 May 2014

Love Me Beauty Box - April Edition

Sorry for this post being a little late, this is because I didn't actually get April's box until the beginning of this month! Anyway better late than never, and onto what was inside my box.

Firstly I would like to say how much I like this boxes 'decoration', I love the shade of the light blue and pink together and I think it is a perfect choice of colours for spring! As you may have seen from the first picture this box is edition 2.

So first up is the Redken colour extend conditioner, I don't colour my hair so the Redken conditioner won't be useful to me. However I know many people that do and i'm sure I can find it a happy home! Next up a £25 card for 'hello fresh'. I looked into hello fresh so I could tell you a bit about them, basically they are like a cross between a food version of a beauty box and a personal food shopper. They create recipes, shop for the indigence and send them to you, the only thing you do is the cooking! 

Next up Betty Hula oil roller ball and Models own nail art pen. I haven't tried any oil products yet, as just haven't had an urge to but now I can see what they are about and who knows I might love it! I really enjoy painting my nails and creating nail designs, but haven't been able to find the time to sit down and create some new nail art. This is why I am very excited about this nail art pen as hopefully it will help me create designs with ease! 

And lastly Neal & Wolf super shine spray. Who doesn't love shiny locks? I am very excited to try this and after hearing some wonderful things about Neal & Wolf I will also get to see what their products are like! 

Have you tried any of these products? 
Love Bella x 

5 May 2014

My Essie Nail Polish Collection

Hello there, in this post I am sharing with you all my Essie nail polish collection. My love for Essie nail polishes started last April when I received an Essie polish in that months Glossybox. I had never tried an Essie nail polish before, of course I had heard of them and seen them in the shop, just hadn't tried it yet.  But after hearing more and more good things I was very excited to have received an Essie polish to see what they are all about! 

The colour I got was 'we're in it together' and I loved it from the first brush! Ever since my collection has been slowly growing, and I thought that I would share my collection one year on. If I had to pick a favourite it would still be 'we're in it together' it is just such a pretty pink shade with very fine glitter through it, two of my favourite things!

Ok so onto the names of each polish, from left to right:
ballet slippers
fiji - post, post, post
french affair - pic
guchi muchi puchi - postpost
we're in it together - postpost, post
madison ave-hue
go ginza
bond with whomever
avenue maintain
the girls are out
the lace is on
jam n' jelly - post
a cut above - post
pure pearlection - post
good to go (top coat)

(There is a link to posts that each polish has been featured in)

Now onto a little explanation of the polishes, there is a beautiful range of colours available and they are all true to colour (look the same on your nails as they do in the bottle). Some polishes are sheer eg: 'ballet slippers', and others opaque eg: 'fiji'.  With some polishes I have found that one coat is only needed but I do prefer to apply two thin coats to get the most from the colour. 

They have a really nice formula that glides onto the nail. Now there are two types of brushes, there is one thinner brush and one larger brush, which covers the nail in 1-2 brushes. The general rule of this I have found is that if there is a sticker with the name of the polish on the top it has the larger brush and if there is an 'e' on the top of the bottle and the name on the bottom it has a smaller brush. (This can depend on where you buy the polish from.)

Here is a close up view of each polish and their names:

What is your favourite Essie nail polish?
Love Bella x