5 May 2014

My Essie Nail Polish Collection

Hello there, in this post I am sharing with you all my Essie nail polish collection. My love for Essie nail polishes started last April when I received an Essie polish in that months Glossybox. I had never tried an Essie nail polish before, of course I had heard of them and seen them in the shop, just hadn't tried it yet.  But after hearing more and more good things I was very excited to have received an Essie polish to see what they are all about! 

The colour I got was 'we're in it together' and I loved it from the first brush! Ever since my collection has been slowly growing, and I thought that I would share my collection one year on. If I had to pick a favourite it would still be 'we're in it together' it is just such a pretty pink shade with very fine glitter through it, two of my favourite things!

Ok so onto the names of each polish, from left to right:
ballet slippers
fiji - post, post, post
french affair - pic
guchi muchi puchi - postpost
we're in it together - postpost, post
madison ave-hue
go ginza
bond with whomever
avenue maintain
the girls are out
the lace is on
jam n' jelly - post
a cut above - post
pure pearlection - post
good to go (top coat)

(There is a link to posts that each polish has been featured in)

Now onto a little explanation of the polishes, there is a beautiful range of colours available and they are all true to colour (look the same on your nails as they do in the bottle). Some polishes are sheer eg: 'ballet slippers', and others opaque eg: 'fiji'.  With some polishes I have found that one coat is only needed but I do prefer to apply two thin coats to get the most from the colour. 

They have a really nice formula that glides onto the nail. Now there are two types of brushes, there is one thinner brush and one larger brush, which covers the nail in 1-2 brushes. The general rule of this I have found is that if there is a sticker with the name of the polish on the top it has the larger brush and if there is an 'e' on the top of the bottle and the name on the bottom it has a smaller brush. (This can depend on where you buy the polish from.)

Here is a close up view of each polish and their names:

What is your favourite Essie nail polish?
Love Bella x 


  1. Fiji is one of my favorites! Essie polishes always have the best names! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

    1. Fiji is a really lovely shade! It must be a fun job getting to name all of the polishes! x

  2. Heart eyes! I've never tried Essie polishes but these are all such lovely shades x

    1. Thank you :) Essie polish are definitely worth trying, they are just so pretty! x

  3. That is such an impressive collection!! I started one, I have three so far, I'm getting there lol!


    1. Thank you! Mine started quite small too, I'm sure it will start to build quickly though! x


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