28 Feb 2014

Favourite Things About Winter

Today's favourites post is going to be a little different. As instead of talking about the products I have been using the most, I am going to be talking about my favourite things about winter, as it has not only come to the end of the month of February but also winter. 

Wearing big knitted jumpers: One of my top favourite things about winter is my winter wardrobe! I love wearing big cosy knitted jumpers and cardigans. I just love how cosy and warm they are.

Drinking hot chocolate: I think there is nothing better than a lovely warm hot chocolate on a cold day. One of the best things about winter is that you can enjoy a hot chocolate on any day!

Festive season: Of course you can not forget about the festive season that starts of winter! All the lights and decorations, food and gifts. What better way to start a season!

Winter weather: The colder weather isn't for everyone but I like wearing lots of cosy clothes and wrapping up warm to go outside, making use of scarfs, gloves, warm boots and other accessories! Another thing about winter is when the sun is out there are barely any clouds, and there is a beautiful bright blue sky.

What are your favourite things about winter? Are any of these your favourite too?
Love Bella x 

25 Feb 2014


If you follow me on twitter you may know that I have recently reached 100 followers on bloglovin'. I decided to write a little post to thank everyone following my blog so far! So thank you everyone! 

It always makes me happy when I see I have a new follower or comment. I really love chatting to you all and other bloggers, and knowing that people like my blog and posts by following. 

As my blog grows I have all you lovely followers and new friends joining me and hopefully many more along the way! 

Love Bella x 

21 Feb 2014

Friday Five

For today's Friday five I have decided to share with you five recipes I would like to try and make. I really love baking but don't really bake a lot. So I have decided to find some time to bake more things, and to start with find recipes of things I would like to make. 

All of the recipes are from the BBC food website and so are the images. I have also put a link with each image to the recipe if you are also interested in making it.

I think that these cupcakes look so yummy and much more interesting to make and eat than a normal plain cupcake.

This chocolate roulade looks so yummy. It is one of Mary Berry's recipes and we all know how good Mary Berry's cakes are! All I hope is that when I make it, it looks as close to this picture as it can!

Not a cake but I still think it could be something fun to make. Also if it turns out well I can always use it to decorate some cakes or cupcakes! 

Lemon Drizzle cakes always look so yummy, and this one is no different. In fact it has the little extra of between each layer of cake there is lemon curd and cream! 

Last but not least macaroons. These little sweet treats are proving to be quite popular at the moment, so why not learn how to make them! I am thinking of making some really little bite sized ones, how cute would they be!

Do you love baking too? Have you made/want to make any of these?
Love Bella x 

18 Feb 2014

Liebster Award Take 2

I have been nominated for the Liebster award (again)! I have been nominated by the lovely Chloe from Miss Sassy so make sure to have a look over at her lovely blog! 

Liebster means sweetest, nicest, dearest in German. The Liebster award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers and is about connecting bloggers and helping spreading the word of smaller blogs. 

Even though I have been nominated for this award before I thought I would still do a post on it and answer the questions Chloe asked. (It is also a good get to know me type post.) If you would like to see my first post on this award you can follow this link to it. 

Who is your style icon at the moment and why? 
I really love Rachel's style from Pink Peonies. She always have such lovely outfits. I would love to have her wardrobe! 

What inspired you to join the blogging community? 
Reading other blogs and deciding that I wanted to write a blog as well. It also seemed like a great way to talk about things I like with other like minded people! 

What is your must have fashion accessory? 
A pretty bracelet, bracelets are my favourite accessory and can be worn with so many things. 

What would be your dream job? 
I think that being a nail polish hand model would be something fun to do, as it would involve having my nails painted in lots of different colours!  

What is your favourite drug store brand? 
Maybelline, they have some amazing products and some great mascaras! 

What is your favourite magazine to read and why?
I don't really have a favourite magazine, but company magazine and Elle are the ones I get the most.

Do your prefer a home cooked meal or a takeaway? 
Home cooked meal.

Do you prefer pastel or vibrant nail shades? 
Pastel, I love pastel colours!

Heels or pumps? 
I love both, but if I had to choose pumps.

Lipstick or lipgloss?
Lipgloss, my lips get so dry and I find that lipgloss looks better on my lips than lipsticks.

Do you prefer a night out or a night in? 
At the moment a night in, it is far to cold outside haha! 

I hope this post has helped you learn a little more about me. 
What would be your answer to some of these questions? 
Love Bella x 

14 Feb 2014

Show Some Love

Happy Valentines day! In the spirit of Valentines day and the theme of the month I am writing a post on showing some love. What better time to show the people you care about how much they mean to you. This doesn't just have to be that special someone, but also friends, family and people you care about. 

There are many ways to show your love, you can give a card or gift (bought or homemade). Another way you can show your love is to do something helpful for them, this could be helping around the house or anything else they may want help with. You could also go out, maybe they have wanted to visit somewhere, or they have a favourite place they like to go to. Something else you could do is leave them notes with messages on how much they mean to you and what you love about them. 

How do you like to show your love?
Love Bella x 

11 Feb 2014

Nails Of The Day

This nail design was inspired by the theme if the month, show some love and Valentines day. I have painted my nails with little hearts in pink and red polishes.

To create this design, first use a base coat. Then for the base colour I used a very light pink polish (Essie, Fiji) painting on two thin coats. To create the little hearts I used a dotting tool and a darker pink and red glitter polish. Created a heart shape with three dots and joining them together. Lastly don't forget to use a top coat to seal the design and give it some shine!

Do you like this design? Have you created any love/Valentines themed nail art? If you have leave a link to it or tweet me a picture, I would love to see them!
Love Bella x 

8 Feb 2014

I Love Me

Today's post is linked with the theme of the month, show some love. It is important to remember the things that you love about yourself as it keeps you in a positive mind set. Remembering these things is also good when you are feeling down or other people are putting you down. I have heard so many people saying to write good things that have happened in a notebook to look at when you are feeling down, and I think that you should also write down the things that you like about yourself as well. 

So take a few minutes to write a list of things that you love about you. It can be as many as you want and be to do with anything you want. Whether it is that you love your hair colour, or how well you can paint your nails to the fact that people come to you for advice or help, or maybe you are really good at something like a sport, hobby or something else. Don't be ashamed to do this, it isn't bad to love things about your self or praise the things you like about yourself! Remember this is something for you, so you don't have to share these things with other people if you don't want to, but if you want to you can! 

Be proud of the things you love about you!
Love Bella x 

5 Feb 2014

Beauty Wishlist

Hello everyone, there are a few beauty products that are on my wishlist at the moment, so I decided to share with you today the products I am currently saving up pennies for! 

Aussie Shampoo & Conditioner 
On a recent twitter chat I asked what hair care products people liked, and so many people recommend Aussie, so I went straight over to the boots website to have a look at them, and since then they have been added to the wishlist for when my current shampoo and conditioner run out! 

Benefit Hervana Blush 
I have been on the hunt for a new blush as I still haven't found one that I love. One day when I was on the Benefit website I decided to look at all their blushes and came to love the look of this beautiful blush. 

I have heard so many good things about this foundation. I am always seeing someone saying how wonderful it is and I have finally decided that I want to try it too! I am also hopeful that I will be able to find a shade that will match my skin tone!

Essie Nail Polish - Pink About It 
I am loving Essie nail polishes, and would love to own every colour! However at the moment I am loving this beautiful soft blossom pink polish. I think that this colour would be great for this tome of year as well as wearing into spring! 

Burts Bees Lip Balm 
My lips are quite dry at the moment (of course as it is winter!) and I also wanted to try something new. I know that Burts bees products are raved about by a lot of people so this little lip balm was added to the list! 

So there you have it, the products that are currently on my wishlist! Have you tried any of these products? What beauty products are on your wishlist?
Love Bella x 

2 Feb 2014

Theme of the Month / Show Some Love

Hello lovelies! It is now the beginning of February and that means a new theme of the month. This months theme is 'show some love'. As it is valentines day in February I decided that this would be a good theme for the month and what better time to show some love! 

Did any of you join in on January's theme 'operation organisation'? If you did how did you get on? I felt that January was a very productive month, and I have got a good start on being more organised! 

How will you 'show some love' this month?
Love Bella x