25 Feb 2015

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream

I realised recently that even though I also use Benefit's skincare products as well as their make up I haven't actually reviewed any of it. So for today's post I am making up for this by reviewing their eye cream 'It's Potent'. 

This was actually the first proper eye cream I have used, as before this I had only tried eye gels/rollers from cheaper brands. It was when I heard a bit more talk about the importance of eye cream that I started looking around for one. I had also recently started using/collecting make up from Benefit. So naturally when I saw that they also did skin care, and an eye cream I had to try it out!  

I liked this eye cream from the moment I tried it. It wasn't too heavy under my eyes and applied smoothly. It also didn't take a long time at all to skin into my skin. I could feel that my under eyes were more moisturised but they didn't feel greasy or anything. After I had used it I was told that my eyes looked brighter (this was after the first use!) and that my under eyes improved with each use. 

I have since tried another eye cream but for me it doesn't compare to this one. The only down side for me about this eye cream is the price! However after trying another cheaper alternative and not liking it as much I would say that it was worth investing in!

Have you tried this eye cream? Which eye cream do you use? 
Love Bella x 

20 Feb 2015

Friday Five

Left - Right
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

With the spring months edging nearer I have been getting quite excited about refreshing my wardrobe. With a wardrobe refresh, of course you can not forget about your accessories! So  have put together five bags that I am lusting after for the spring months! I really love the lighter, pastel colours and as you may have noticed I am being more drawn to pastel blues, dusty pinks and light stone colours. 

Are you excited to refresh your wardrobe for spring? Which bag do you like best?
Love Bella x 

15 Feb 2015

Hairstyle Inspiration

Left - Right
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

When it comes to trying out new hairstyles I never know where to start, so Pinterest becomes my best friend for inspiration. There are so many pretty hairstyles to try and I have put together a few of my favourite braided hairstyles.  There are also so many useful how to pins on creating so many different hairstyles for all types of hair too. 

I feel that I need to be a bit more adventurous with my hairstyles sometimes as it can get a bit boring wearing my hair the same way all the time. So I have decided that I will try out some different styles, you never know I may find my new go to hair look! If you are interested in the hairstyles and hairstyle how to's I have pinned you can have a look over at my Pinterest 'Hair' board.

What is your favourite place to find hairstyle inspiration? 
Love Bella x 

10 Feb 2015

Nails Of The Day

Valentine's Day is getting closer, so what better time than to do a Valentine's inspired nail design. Last year I painted my nails with a cute little heart pattern, so this year I have decided to create a design with lips. 

To create this design I used these polishes:
For base colour - Sally Hansen 'shell we dance'
For pink lips - Sally Hansen 'back to the fucshia'
For red glitter lips - Orly 'star spangled'
I also used a base coat and top coat to seal in the design. 

Firstly I used a base coat then painted my nails with a light pink polish. When that had dried I used a dotting tool to create the lips. To do this I created an 'm' shape then connected a curved line underneath. Then when that had dried I finished the design with a top coat. 

What do you think of this nail design? How are you painting your nails this Valentine's Day?
Love Bella x 

5 Feb 2015

Benefit Dandelion Powder

Hello beauty, another Benefit product review for you today! If you have been reading my blog for a while you may already know that I love Benefit products. Whenever I'm near a Benefit counter I can't help going over and having a little browse at their products, and of course their selection of box o' powders always catches my eye. 

I have pale skin, and so find it quite difficult to find products that will suit me and not be too dark. This is why I choose dandelion. It is a beautiful soft ballerina pink and is perfect for my pale skin. It is a brightening face powder and can be used all over your face as well as a blush. The colour can be built up easily as well so you could have a soft light dusting or add more for a 'darker' colour. 

I find that this powder does last most of the day and only a light touch up is needed. The only thing I am not so crazy about is the brush that is included. For me and my sensitive skin I find that the brush can feel a little scratchy, so I just use my normal blush brush to apply it. Although this little brush is good if you wanted to pop this powder in your bag for touch ups on the go.

I like to use dandelion for both a finishing powder and a blush. For this I lightly dust over my face with a powder brush and the use a blush brush to build up the colour on my cheeks. 

Have you tried any of Benefit's box o' powders? Which one is your favourite? 
Love Bella x