31 Oct 2013

The Halloween Post

This month I thought I would do something slightly different so instead of doing a monthly favourites post, I am doing a Halloween post! 

On Halloween I like to paint my nails in Halloween themed designs. This year I wanted to do a different design on each nail. I have done a spiders web, spider, cats head, pumpkin and ghost.

Of course there was also pumpkin carving. You can't really tell from the photo but I had a very cute little pumpkin to carve. I wanted to carve something different as I am a bit bored of just carving a face so I decided to carve some bats instead!

I also have this pumpkin treat! I saw this in the shop and couldn't resist it. It is a chocolate shaped like a pumpkin with little smarties inside - how cute is that!

So there is my Halloween post. Did you paint your nails for Halloween, or carve a pumpkin? 
Love Bella x 

29 Oct 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips

Ok so I know that Maybelline baby lips has been spoken about by so many bloggers and I am a little slow to write about them, but I found the pictures when I sorting through and as I liked this I wanted to write a little blog post on it. 

I got one of the coloured lip balms in 'pink punch' which is a light pink. I wasn't expecting the colour to really show and that it would only lighten my lips a little but the colour was quite strong and was more like a sheer to medium coverage of colour. I think that this colour would be lovely to wear in the spring and summer months.

The packaging of this product is bright and colourful. I wouldn't say that it was one of the best packaged products but it also isn't the worst. However if you are just popping in your bag for use during the day I wouldn't be too worried about keeping it looking perfect, and I think that this is a plus as you don't want to be worrying about keeping your products looking perfect when you are out and about. 

I think that the product itself is good. It is lovely to apply and glides easily onto my lips. It feels moisturizing, and keeps my lips feeling soft, and also adds a pop of colour to the lips. I did find that I have to reapply during the day, and at night I did wipe the product from my lips to get rid of the colour. Overall I think that this is good product at a good price and would recommend it for someone who wanted a cheaper lip balm. 

Have you tried any of the Maybelline baby lips? What is your favorite lip balm?
Love Bella x 

25 Oct 2013

Friday Five

One of my favourite things about autumn are warm jumpers.  I always look forward to going around the shops and getting lovely cosy jumpers. Today I am sharing with you five jumpers/cardigans I have bought and worn this season so far.

The first is a light blue jumper from Matalan. This is great for layering p with other tops/shirts, and is so soft and cosy to wear. I chose this lighter blue as it is a lovely fresh colour.

Next up is a grey and white stripe jumper from New Look. This is another soft jumper that is thin enough to layer, but can also be worn with just a t-shirt or top underneath.

I then have a soft light brown cardigan from New Look. This is a thinner cardigan but I love this colour for autumn and would it is great for a lovely simple look.

This gorgeous jumper from River Island my not be the best at keeping you warm on a cold day but I love it. It would look gorgeous layered over different coloured tops.

Lastly a warm snugly cardigan from New Look. This fluffy cardy will keep you warm on colder days and can be worn with many different looks.

So there are my top 5 favourite jumpers. Which is your favourite? Are there any other jumpers/cardigans that you have been loving?
Love Bella x 

20 Oct 2013

New Blog Look

My blog has had a little makeover and I have changed my background and colours. I did like the look of my blog before but I just didn't feel it had the right look to it. When I changed my background to this new one I liked the look a lot more. 

I still feel that tweaks and improvements could be added to make it look it's best but would love to know what you all think, and any ideas you have.
Love Bella x  

15 Oct 2013

Nails Inc Brompton X

I have had my eye on this colour for ages and recently decided to treat myself and buy it. I think that it is such a lovely colour. It is a dark pink with a shimmer throughout. This polish can be worn by anyone as it is such a wearable colour. I have worn this polish and Nails inc polishes are such good quality and defiantly worth spending that little bit extra on. It applies beautifully and I only needed to apply two thin coats to get the full effect of the colour. It lasted so well on my nails and I almost got a whole weeks wear with only a few small chips towards the end. 

Do you have any Nails inc nail polishes? Which is your favourite colour?
Love Bella x 

11 Oct 2013

No Makeup Days

Always looking your best can be tiring. Making sure that you look presentable is not a bad thing, nor is wanting to look your best. But when you feel under pressure to always look good it can be a stressful and tiring thing. Sometimes you want to just have a lazy day and not have to worry about what you look like, this is absolutely fine. 

If you do feel like you have to wear makeup all the time just remember that makeup is for enhancing what you have. Foundation is not for covering your whole face it is for evening out your skin, blusher for adding an extra pop of colour, eyeshadows and lipglosses for highlighting your favourite features, and the list goes on. 

My approach to wearing makeup is that if I want to wear it, then I will, if I only want to wear a small amount, then I will and if I don't want to wear any at all then I don't. If I know I am going somewhere where I need to make a good impression, or look the best I can, then I wear whatever makeup I need to. However if I know that I am not going anywhere or don't need to look my absolute best then I don't wear any or only a very small amount. 
I like to look after my skin and try to keep it at its best. So that if I am not wearing makeup my skin looks happy and healthy, and the same for if I am wearing makeup as it is your base. 

On days when I don't want to wear much makeup but feel that I might need to wear a bit, then I would just buff on some powder, put on a little blush, concealer if it was needed, and I also like to use my brow pencil.

Do you have no make up days? If you don't, try it! And remember that you are beautiful even without makeup! 
Love Bella x 

5 Oct 2013

Bamboo Face Cloth

This face cloth is like no other that I have used, and it is by far the best one I have ever tried. As I have sensitive skin it has always been difficult to find a face cloth that isn't to rough on my skin. I have tried the soft face cloths, muslin cloths and many others but none of them worked, then one day when I was in boots I came across this bamboo face cloth. It costs £3 which is only about 1-2 pounds more than some of the other face cloths available, but it is defiantly worth it! It is so soft to touch and is so gentle on my skin. After using this cloth my skin has felt much better as it isn't leaving it feeling sore or red. 
I would highly recommend this face cloth to anyone and everyone, especially people with sensitive skin. 

Do you have this face cloth? What face cloth do you like using?
Love Bella x 

2 Oct 2013

Bourjois Blush

Over the summer months I have used a lot of cream based blushes and as the autumn came I really wanted a change. So I went on a search for a powder blush and came across this one by Bourjois. After hearing good things about this blush along with the fact that I really like Bourjois makeup I decided to give a whirl. 

So to review I will go over the pros and cons I have found with this product.

  • There is a much wider range of colours to choose from than other brands
  • The packaging is lovely, the little round pot is by far the cutest packaging
  • It is great for traveling or popping in your bag as it isn't very big so won't take up lots of space. It also includes a little mirror and brush for on the go applying
  • It has a beautiful rose like scent to it
  • The colour is so pretty and easy to build up

  • As it is smaller it is a little bit harder to really swirl the brush around it
  • After a few uses I found that it wasn't picking up any pigment, so I have to scratch the top to create a loose powder that will then pick up
  • The brush included was quite scratchy on my sensitive skin 

Overall I think it is a lovely product and I have been enjoying using it. I think it gives a beautiful colour to my cheeks and lasts well throughout the day, as well as being easily removed. What do you think of this blush? Are there any blushes that you would recommenced trying?
Love Bella x