31 Oct 2013

The Halloween Post

This month I thought I would do something slightly different so instead of doing a monthly favourites post, I am doing a Halloween post! 

On Halloween I like to paint my nails in Halloween themed designs. This year I wanted to do a different design on each nail. I have done a spiders web, spider, cats head, pumpkin and ghost.

Of course there was also pumpkin carving. You can't really tell from the photo but I had a very cute little pumpkin to carve. I wanted to carve something different as I am a bit bored of just carving a face so I decided to carve some bats instead!

I also have this pumpkin treat! I saw this in the shop and couldn't resist it. It is a chocolate shaped like a pumpkin with little smarties inside - how cute is that!

So there is my Halloween post. Did you paint your nails for Halloween, or carve a pumpkin? 
Love Bella x 

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