30 Jan 2015

Friday Five

There are quite a few new beauty releases at the moment and I have created quite a wishlist from them! So while I'm saving up my pennies I thought I would put together my top five favourite products for today's Friday five post! 

To start of with is this lovely palette from Bobbie Brown. It is a face touch up palette and includes everything you need for a flawless base. It is the perfect palette to pop into your bag for touch ups on the go or for taking on your travels. 

Next up Benefits roller lash mascara. It is said to curl and set your lashes as well as 'grabbing' even the smallest lashes. It will be interesting to see if this pretty little mascara is as good as Benefits' they're real'! 

Out of all of these products this lip balm perfector from Clarins has to be the one I am most excited about! Which is strange when if you know me you will know that I am not the biggest lip product lover! However I really like the sound of this lip balm which is said to be natural looking as well as having lots of nourishing ingredients!

Another mascara! Yes I have two mascaras on here, however this mascara from Givenchy really caught my eye. I am very intrigued by the circular brush, and would love to see how well it works and the difference between this and the 'normal' brush shapes. 

Lastly this beautiful eyeshadow palette from Clarins. I love so many things about this palette. The packaging, the pattern on the eyeshadows and of course the beautiful eyeshadow shades! 

So there are my top five favourite new beauty releases! What new beauty release do you want to try?
Love Bella x 

25 Jan 2015

Nails of the Day

Hello beauties! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. This weekend I have been busy painting my nails so I thought that I would share with you all a new polish I am wearing. This new polish is one of the Nails inc foil effect polishes. This is a new kind of polish for me to wear but I really like it, and can already see so many nail art designs including this polish. The shade that I am wearing is called 'Kings Road' which is a really pretty rose gold colour. One thing about this polish is that it is a little bit trickier to apply than normal polishes but with a bit of practice you get the hang of it. 

What polish are you wearing at the moment? Have you tried any of the foil effect polishes?
Love Bella x 

20 Jan 2015

Eyebrows 101

Hello beauties, for today's post I'm going to be sharing my eyebrow tips. 
'Eyebrows are what frame your whole face, you wouldn't put a pretty picture in an ugly frame.' This is a very good eyebrow quote and is very true. Eyebrows are often forgotten about, but having good eyebrows can really help your whole look.

What do I do with them? How do I shape them? What products/shades should I use? 
These are questions I hear a lot, and even questions I have asked myself. Now I am no brow expert but I thought that I would share some of the answers to these from my on experiences. 

Brow shape
Finding the right shape for your brows can be a difficult task. But never fear there are two easy ways to find out. 
The first is to go and have your brows shaped by a professional. This is the best and easiest way to go about finding your brow shape. You will want to do a little research first to find a good and trusted place to have them shaped. Look online, read reviews of places or even ask friends and family for a recommendation. 
Secondly, if you are more confident and have some brow experience already, you could find your brow shape yourself. There are plenty of helpful brow shaping tutorials out there to help you find your perfect brow shape. I personally find this pin really helpful.

Brow upkeep
Keeping your brows in shape can be a bit of a chore some times but when you find the right way for you it really helps. There are a few ways to keep unruly brows in shape, these are, plucking, waxing and threading. Again you can do this yourself or get a professional to do it for you. 

Filling in brows - what product/ shade should I use?
There are many different brow products out there so I can be quite daunting to know which product it the best for you. My advice, try a few and see how you get on with it. For beginners and those that want an easier product to use I would recommend using a pencil or gel (like the ones pictures above). These are quick and easy to use. With a bit of practice using a powder is also good. There are also many other products including mousse products, wax products, even brow tints. 
Shade wise it is always best to go for a shade that is close to your natural hair colour. There is a lot of theory's about how you should choose your shade but I personally like to take the advice of Benefit's Lisa Potter-Dixon and choose the shade that matches the hair from the back of your head (in other words your natural hair colour).

Brow tools
Pictured above are the brow tools that I like to use. These are a brow comb and spoolie. These are used for combing your brows into place, and keeping them looking neat and tidy. Tweezers are also another useful tool to have. It is really worth investing in some good quality tweezers. They are perfect to have to hand when you want to tidy up your brows or even if a rogue brow hair appears.  

My brow routine
I have my brows professionally shaped, and prefer to get them waxed. Waxing isn't as scary as it sounds, it tingles more than hurts. Personally I find that tweezing hurts more than waxing. For any rogue brow hairs I use my Benefit tweezers by tweezerman. 
As for brow products I like to use Benefit's gimme brow for everyday wear and the instant brow pencil for when I want my brows more defined. I also use my brow comb and spoolie to comb my brows into place each day.

My brow tips
- Always ask a professional for help, when shaping or choosing a product/shade. Especially if you are unsure, you don't want to regret it later when you have a brow disaster! 
- If tweezing brows try and tweeze them when they are 'young' (just growing). It will hurt less and also help you keep the shape of your brows. 
- Make sure that any tools you use are clean, you don't want to be using dirty tools or even rusty old tweezers!
- Keep up your brow maintenance. This will help you keep a better brow shape and also you will get into a good habit of keeping them. 

So there is my eyebrow 101 guide! I hope that this is helpful for you and if you have any other useful brow tips son't forget to share them in the comments below! 

What are your best eyebrow care tips?
Love Bella x 

15 Jan 2015

New Blog Design

Hello there! I have some exciting news for you today, (in fact you might have already guessed what it is from the title of this post) I have a new blog design, that has been created for me by the lovely Becky from Lipgloss and Lashes.

I have changed the design of my blog a few times now and although I quite liked my blog design before, I was getting a little bored of it. So when I logged onto twitter and saw that Becky from Lipgloss and Lashes was holding a competition to win a blog design I entered, not really thinking that I would win. Then when I got a tweet saying I had won I was so excited! It wasn't long before Becky had created my new blog design and I was putting it live on my blog.

I really love my new blog look! What do you think?
Love Bella x 

10 Jan 2015

Beauty Wishlist

As it is the start of a new year what better way than to create a wishlist of the beauty products that I have my eye on! So I decided to scroll through the Feel Unique website and put together a wishlist. Some of these I have had my eye on for a while now and others are ones that have a lot of good reviews.

What beauty products are on your wishlist at the moment?
Love Bella x 

5 Jan 2015

My Beauty Resolutions

Firstly, Happy New Year! How fast 2014 went by! Anyway now that we are back in January again it is that time of year for making resolutions (and hopefully sticking to them)! So this year I have decided to make a few beauty resolutions. I have decided to only make 5 as it is a much easier number to handle and not too overwhelming either, so here they are:

1. Remember to moisturise daily

2. Double cleanse after wearing make up

3. Find an eyeliner I love

4. Try out more art art

5. Start using a serum regularly 

Do you have any beauty resolutions for this year?
Love Bella x