31 Aug 2014

August Favourites

It is now the end of August, and that means favourites time! I haven't worn a lot of makeup over the summer and have mainly been focusing in skincare. However I have been trying out different eye looks. So onto my favourites for this month.

Simple Eye Make-up Remover This is the best eye make-up remover I have used. It is gentle on the eyes and it removes all eye makeup easily without having to scrub away at the delicate eye area, it even removes waterproof mascara really well. 

Simple Protecting Moisture Cream I really like this moisturiser, it has SPF 30 and UVA and UVB protection which is really important to protect your skin. I also like that it doesn't have a heavy, greasy feel that other moisturisers and sun protection product have. 

Benefit POREfessional This is a lovely primer and has been featured many times on my blog. It is great for keeping make up in place and also for the days when I don't want to wear a lot of makeup. 

Nails inc The Perfect Nude - Charlotte Street This polish was featured in my nails of the day post this month. It really is the perfect nude colour and with lots of nail loving ingredients it means that when my nails are in need of a bit of care I can still wear a nail polish! 

Eco Tools Brush This is a really nice brush. The eco tools brushes are good quality and have soft bristles and don't scratch away at the eyes. I really like this brush as it has two different brushes on each end, one end for the crease and the other for smudging. 

Hair Clip With the warmer weather we have had I have I have been using this clip to keep my hair out of my face without having to tie my hair up in a ponytail all the time. I just section the front part of my hair that falls onto my face and clip it up. 

What has been your favourites this month?
Love Bella x 

28 Aug 2014

Shopaholic Books

A bit of a different post today from the usual beauty posts as I am talking about some of my favourite books! These are the shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella. Now I say the shopaholic books as all of the books in the shopaholic series are just all so good that I can't choose a favourite! I have read them so many times and haven't got bored of them! If you are looking for something new to read, then I would definitely recommend these books.

I have already posted a book review on another of Sophie Kinsella's books 'I've got your number'. Which is another great book to read. So In this post I will do a mini review on each book and what they are about! 

All of the books follow the life of Rebecca Bloomwood, otherwise known as Becky. Becky is of course as the title suggests a shopaholic. Her best friend Suze is always on hand for the good times and the bad (and is often there to help with Becky's many troubles). There are many other people in Becky's life too but I don't want to spoil it too much so if you are interested then read on! Warning there may be some spoilers! 

The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic 

This is where the story all begins, we meet Becky Bloomwood, she is a financial journalist telling people how they should spend their money wisely. Although she isn't very good at taking her own advice, she is a shopaholic and has some serious money problems. So she does everything she can to get the money to pay her bills by saving money, earning more money and even asking her friend Suze to help by watching her spending. 

Shopaholic Abroad

Becky is moving to New York! (With her boyfriend Luke.) Now working as a financial adviser on TV she is hoping to get an exciting new job on American TV. Although as she starts to explore New York she finds that the pull of the shops and the excitement of sample sales to much and spends her day spending money and getting into some trouble. However she does end up finding the perfect job.

Shopaholic Ties the Knot 

Becky has found the perfect job, a personal shopper. Getting to shop all day long is a dream come true. But it's not the only dream come true as Luke has proposed and they are getting married! Becky is busy planning the perfect wedding day, but also trying to keep the peace. Of course trouble is not far away and Becky finds herself in a difficult position, but will she get the wedding she has dreamed of? 

Shopaholic & Sister

Becky has been an only child all her life until now, she has a sister! Becky and Luke come back from their honeymoon to find that her parents have a secret. She soon finds out that she has a half-sister, and she can't wait to meet her and go out on shopping trips with her. However things don't end up going well and it seems that her sister Jess doesn't have the same interests as Becky. The two end up falling out but Becky is determined to fix the relationship between them, but are they just too different to get along? 

Shopaholic & Baby

Becky and Luke have moved to London and their family is growing! Becky is pregnant and shopping for two. Everything has to be perfect for her bundle of joy, but it seems it might be a bit more work than she had hoped for! What with the stress of her new job, finding a house and the fact that her obstetrician is Luke's glamorous ex-girlfriend it looks like her pregnancy isn't going to be plan sailing. 

Mini Shopaholic

Becky and Luke's daughter Minnie is now two. Becky has dreams of wonderful shopping trips of the two of them and the lovely times they will have, however the reality is quite different. Minnie is very determined toddler and her favourite word being 'mine' doesn't help Becky. Struggling with Minnie, and a financial crisis Becky decides that a party is much needed, but how will she get on with planning a party on budget? 

Have you read these books or any others by Sophie Kinsella? What is your favourite book?
Love Bella x 

25 Aug 2014

Instagram Round up

Seeing as I haven't done an Instagram round up post in a while I thought that I would share some of the pictures that I have taken on Instagram over the past few months. So into the pictures! 

The perfect nude polish, The five product face, Decisions, decisions which Essie polish should I choose?!, Pretty pink Gerbera!, Got some of the No7 shade and define shadows, Just found this blush hidden away!, My July favourites, Well might as well show you my lipstick collection seeing as it is national lipstick day, Summer shimmer

Nails of the day, pretty pink with a sparkle top coat, My favourite blush right now!, Skin care of the day, My top 3 makeup picks for summer, My top 3 summer polishes, Pretty pink polish, Benefit beauty score kit, Glamour mag has some amazing Clinique freebies this month!, Close up of the Nars blush from the Selfridges beauty project box

Makeup treats from the Selfridges beauty project box!, My June favourites, My pretty floral nail art, My favourite samples from this months Birchbox, Got some really good products in this months Birchbox!, Got some Essie nail wraps to try out.

Don't forget to go and follow me over on Instagram to keep up to date with all my photos! Which picture is your favourite? 
Love Bella x 

22 Aug 2014

Beauty This or That Tag

Hello beauties I really enjoy doing tag posts so I when I came across the this or that tag on a few blogs I decided that I would do it too! Just quickly a bit of information about this tag, for this tag there are two options and you have to choose which one you prefer/would choose over the other. So onto the tag!

Make up:
Blush or bronzer - Blush
Lip gloss or lipstick - Lipgloss
Eye liner or mascara - Mascara
Foundation or concealer - Concealer
Neutral or colour eye shadow - Neutral
Pressed or loose eye shadows - Pressed
Brushes or sponges - Brushes

OPI or China glaze - OPI (as haven't tried any china glaze polishes)
Long or short - Short
Acrylic or natural - Natural 
Brights or dark's - Brights

Perfume or body splash - Perfume
Lotion or body butter - Lotion
Body wash or soap - Body wash
Lush or other bath company - Lush

Curly or straight - Curly
Bun or ponytail - Ponytail
Bobby pins or butterfly clips - Bobby pins
Hair spray or gel - Hair spray
Long or short - Long
Up or down - Down

Have you done this tag? What would you answer to these questions? 
Love Bella x 

18 Aug 2014

Nails of the Day

For today's nails I have used one of Nails inc polishes. It is the Charlotte Street Perfect Nude Polish. The perfect nude polishes are described as a BB for your nails. The polish has lots of nourishing ingredients for your nails including Omega's 3,6 and 9, brown algae and vitamins B5 and H. There are four different shades available and are said to suit all skin tones. I think this is a lovely neutral shade and it is a lovely polish to have when your nails are in need of a bit of love and care, but also for when you want to have painted nails. 

Have you tried any of the perfect nude polishes? What is your go to nude shade? 
Love Bella x 

15 Aug 2014

Friday Five

For today's Friday five I am sharing the products that I use to create a five product face. As the weather is quite warm I don't like to wear much makeup and I like to keep it quite light. So onto the products!

Base: Benefit's POREfessional primer

Conceal: Rimmel's hide the blemish concealer

Line: Eyeko skinny liquid liner in black

Brows: Benefit's gimme brow in medium/deep

Blush: Clinique's cheek pop in peach pop

So there you have my five product face. What would you use for your five product face? 
Love Bella x 

12 Aug 2014

High End Beauty Wishlist

There are a lot of amazing beauty products out there and trying them all would cost a lot of money (especially high end products)! So instead I create wishlists of all the pretty products I would love to have. I have put together some of the beauty products that I would love to try out. A few of these products have been added to my wishlist after seeing other bloggers and vloggers rave about them, and others that I have tested in stores. 

What products are on your wishlist? Which high end beauty product would you most like to have? 
Love Bella x 

9 Aug 2014

No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define

Today I thought that I would share with you my latest beauty purchase! I have had my eye on the By Terry Ombre Blackstar shadows but as they are quite expensive I had a look around and found that these shadows by No7 were a much cheaper dupe. So I went off to Boots in search of them. There are quite a few shades available and after seeing what each shade was like and talking to the No7 make up assistant, I decided upon the shades 'pink pearl' and 'cool mink'. 

So far I have tested the shade 'pink pearl' so will give my first impressions on it. I really like the shade and it is close to the Maybelline colour tattoo shade 'pink gold'. It applies well and is easy enough to blend out. It lasted quite well and didn't crease throughout the day. The only thing I didn't like about it so much was that it had a 'gritty' sort of feel to it, and felt a bit heavy on my eyelid, unlike other cream shadows where you can't really feel it on your eyelid. However I have only tried this once and will try it a few more times before I make up my mind on it!

What is your favourite cream based shadow? Have you tried these shade and define shadows? 
Love Bella x 

4 Aug 2014

Liebster Award Take 3

As you may have already guessed from the title of this post I have been nominated for the Liebster award for the 3rd time! I have been nominated by Alicia from Lissy Beauty

Even though I have been nominated for this award before I thought I would still do a post on it and answer the questions Alicia asked. (It is also a good get to know me type post.) If you also want to have a read of the other Liebster Award posts click on through to the links to my first post and second post.

Liebster means sweetest, nicest, dearest in German. The Liebster award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers and is about connecting bloggers and helping spreading the word of smaller blogs. 

1. What are your holy grail make up items? 

2. Which celebrity has the style you envy most?
Emma stone, she has amazing style!

3. If you had to choose hair up or hair down for the rest of your life, what would you pick?
Probably hair up as you could create lots of different hairstyles.

4. Would you rather fill in your eyebrows or use mascara?
Fill in eyebrows as they shape your whole face.

5. Your ultimate beauty faux pas?
Using beauty products that have gone past their use by dates, or gone off. 
(If you want to know a bit more I have a post clearing out beauty products here)

6. Favourite fashion look?
I don't really have a favourite fashion look as I like to try out lots of different looks, but I would say that casual/girly is my go to look. 

7. What made you want to start blogging?
After reading a few blogs I thought it would be something fun to do so set up my own blog and so happy that I did as I really enjoy blogging! 

8. Your favourite posts to write?
I don't have a top favourite as I enjoy writing all my posts! However if I had to choose it would be nail art posts! 

9. Winter or summer?
I like them both equally! If I had to choose I would say summer as it is summer at the moment! 

10. What look would you rock on a girls night out?
Depends where we were going, so not sure! 

11. What would your staple wardrobe contain? 
All the basics, I have a post on my wardrobe basics here

11 Questions for my nominees:

1. Favourite nail polish - brand and colour?
2. Favourite makeup brand?
3. Favourite skincare brand?
4. Top 3 favourite beauty products?
5. Favourite clothing item?
6. Favourite accessory item? 
7. Favourite colour?
8. Favourite thing about blogging?
9. Best beauty tip?
10. Which blogger(s) do you admire/look to for inspiration?
11. Blush or bronzer? 

My nominees:

I hope that this post has helped you get to know me a bit better.
Love Bella x