31 Jul 2013

July Favourites

This month seems to have gone by so quickly! It has also been quite a special month with this very hot weather and the Prince of Cambridge being born. 
As it has been so hot this month I have found that I haven't worn much make up at all, mainly because it would all melt of my face! So here are the products that I have used most this month:

Nails inc: Royal Botanical Gardens
This very cute mini polish is from the nails inc spring summer collection. It is a lovely mint/ blue colour (in the picture it does look a bit more blue than mint!) I really like this colour and as it was so hot it was nice to have a cooler colour on my nails. 

Rimmel: Strawberry Fizz
This is a lovely pink polish which I used in my strawberry nail design. This polish is a bit different to the others as it has a scent. It has a strawberry like scent to it and you can still smell it when your nails are dry. 

Maybelline BB Cream
Because of the heat I have barely worn make up at all. When I have needed to put some on I have used my trusty BB cream! I have gone for this as it has SPF to protect my face from the sun as well as giving me coverage. It lasted well in the heat and only toward the end of the day did it start to feel like it was starting to melt.

Simple Facial Wash 
I have really been loving this face wash by simple as it is gentle on my skin and leaves my face feeling fresh. As I haven't been wearing much make up I have upped my skin care and this has been my favourite for a refreshing cleanse.

Simple Hydro Mist
Face mists seem to be very popular this month with many people. For me I have really loved using the Simple hydro mist to help cool down my face. Whenever I needed to cool down I would spritz this on. It is lovely and cooling and leaved me feeling refreshed.

So there are my favourites for this month. Have you been loving any of these? Or if not what have been your favourites this month?
Love Bella x

30 Jul 2013

Contact / Follow

As my blog is quite new I thought that it would be a good idea to let you know how you can contact me/ follow my blog.
First of all if you want to ask me anything, have a chat or say hello, etc you can leave a comment on my posts or send an email to me at missbellablogs@yahoo.co.uk
If you like my blog you can also follow me on bloglovin' or by email, this would make me very happy if you did! 
I also have a pinterest page if you want to follow me on there.
I hope that you like my blog and posts and if there are any posts that you would like to see in the future let me know.
Love Bella x

28 Jul 2013

My Favourite Fragrance

This has got to be the loveliest scent ever! From the first time I spritzed it in the shop I fell in love. It is a lighter fragrance than others and doesn't have a strong overpowering scent, and isn't overwhelming when you put it on. I also like that you can build up how much you want, if you only want a light scent you only need to spritz 1 or 2 times but if you wanted it a bit stronger you can add more. 

It is called Citrus Verbena Summer Fragrance and has organic verbena extract, lemon essential oil and grapefruit extract. The scent is so uplifting and just makes me feel happier when I put it on. As it says in its name it is a summer fragrance and I really think that it is a perfect fragrance for summer and I really love this in the summer months. If you are familiar with L'Occitane you may know that their other Verbena products aren't the best smelling ones and I think that it is a shame as this product smells so wonderful. 

It stays well on my skin but as it is a lighter fragrance you might find that you probably need to reapply later on in the day. Another thing that I like about it is that it doesn't irritate my skin. As I have sensitive skin fragrance can irritate it. However I can apply as much as I like and my skin is fine, yay! 
I also really like the bottle that it is in. It has a lemon on one side and a leaf on the other. The label isn't fussy and busy and you can't see any writing through the other side. These have given the bottle a lovely decoration without over doing it or leaving it very plain. 

Have you got this fragrance too, or any other of the L'Occitane products? I would also love to know what your favourite fragrance is too! 
Love Bella x  

24 Jul 2013

Nails of the Day

As we have been having lovely summery weather, I decided that I would paint my nails in a summery, fruity way. I decided on strawberry's as I was looking through my nail polish and came across a pink colour called strawberry fizz by Rimmel I then found a red and couldn't choose on just the one so used both! 
I hope that you like this cute nail design. Have you found any other summer nail designs? 
Love Bella x 

19 Jul 2013

Friday Five

Today I am doing a wish list of the 5 things that I have spied in the shops and online and am sharing them with you all. 

 Benefit cosmetics

First up is a lovely eye shadow kit from benefit. This is one of the world famous neutrals kit. There are three different ones in this set including: most glamours nudes ever, easiest nudes ever, sexiest nudes ever. The one above is the easiest nudes ever.


I love the Essie nail polishes and there are so many colours to choose from. The colour above is called guchi muchi puchi and is a lovely soft pink. 

I really love the L'Occitane products and love walking around the cute little shops. This is the floral beauty collection and has some lovely shower gels and soaps. On there website there is a fragrance finder which helps you find the scents that will suit you.

Little Moose
Little Moose has the sweetest accessories, bags, stationary and gifts. I really love the jewellery and they are so many cute and quirky designs. I really love this lollipop or 'lillypop' as it is called. It really is perfect for summer.

Miss Selfridge
Miss Selfridge has so many lovely things, I really love their dresses but I also love shoes! Yes the heel is a little high at 5.5 inches but it is just so pretty. The laser cut design is gorgeous I could look at these shoes all day! 

So there are my 5 items that are on my wishlist. I would love to hear what you all have been loving recently.
Love Bella x

(These images are from the websites)

12 Jul 2013

Daisy outfit

Yes you might say that having a daisy printed dress and daisy patterned cardigan together could be a bit over the top on floral, but I just love these two together. Both the dress and cardigan are from New Look
I have recently started a new thing when I go shopping, and that is if I am trying something on to pick out something I wouldn't normally go for. In some cases the item I pick doesn't suit me but in some cases I find something new that I like. This is how I came to get this dress. I don't normally go for this style of dress but I liked the pattern and thought that there was no harm in trying it on, and I am glad that I did as I really like this dress and how it looked on me. It is also a great everyday dress as it is comfortable to wear. I also picked up the cardigan and when I was trying clothes on I put it over the top of the dress and liked them both together. 
So that is how I ended up with this cute summer outfit. Do you love floral designs too? 
Love Bella x 

8 Jul 2013

Banish that Blemish

Blemishes and spots, those dreaded things that you wish would just disappear and never return. At some stage everyone will get them. However when you do the best thing is to treat it. 
There are so many spot treatments out there and it is hard to know which ones are good and will work. The best products to use are ones that have tea tree and witch hazel. These two are like spot zapping heroes, working together to fight off nasty spots and spot causing bacteria. 

I personally love using the Boots own spot range and find the night treatment gel and blemish stick to work well. A lot of people often tend to look past the own range and go towards the 'fancier' brands. What they don't realise is that they are missing out! The Boots own range is often much cheaper and just as effective, if not more. 
I like to use the night treatment gel when I notice a spot or blemish appearing to try and catch it before it gets bigger. When I do get a spot I like to use this gel overnight and I have noticed that in the morning it has reduced or almost completely gone! With the gel I also like to use the blemish stick during the day. I also use it under my make up then use foundation and/or concealer to cover it.
These products also are fine for me to use on my sensitive skin.

To try and prevent and get rid of blemishes and spots quickly I have a few tips:

  • Try not to touch, pick at or squeeze a spot
  • If you do touch it make sure to wash your hands and not to touch another area of your face as you will spread the bacteria of the spot
  • Try not to touch your face to much, touching your face can lead to a spot appearing
  • When you do have a spot try not to put too much make up on it, you really want to keep it as clean as you can and not clog it up more with make up
  • Cleanse your face regularly 
  • Cleanse your make up brushes regularly

So there are my tips for banishing blemishes and my top products to use. Have you got any of the Boots spot range products? I hope that this has helped, and if you have any other great tips or products feel free to leave them in the comments section below. 
Love Bella x 

4 Jul 2013

Eyeshadow colours

Want your eye colour to stand out? Don't know what eyeshadow colours look best with your eye colour? Well fear not as once you know what colours work best with your eye colour you will be well on your way to having beautiful make up. Choosing the right colour eyeshadow can make a big difference to how your eye looks. Many of us girls don't know what eyeshadow colours to choose, and what colours work best with our eye colour. However that is about to change as I am going to share with you which colours work with each eye colour. For each eye colour there are contrasting and harmonising colours. Contrasting colours will help your eye colour to stand out. where as harmonising colours are more subtle.

Green eyes:
Contrasting: Brown, Purple, Red
Harmonising: Darker green than colour of iris gives depth

Blue - Grey eyes:
Contrasting: Pink, Orange, Gold, Bronze
Harmonising: Lighter shades illuminate 

Brown - Black eyes:
Contrasting: Red, Yellow, Silver, Green
Harmonising: Gold, Brown, and earth tones

Neutral: (any eye colour)
Grey, Beige, White, Black

So now you know what colours best suit your eye colour. You can use this as a guide and experiment with different shades etc, to find the best colour as each eye colour is different in its own way and you know what works best for you. 
I hope that this was helpful to you. Let me know how you get on, or if you have any great eye shadow tips.
Love Bella x