31 Jul 2013

July Favourites

This month seems to have gone by so quickly! It has also been quite a special month with this very hot weather and the Prince of Cambridge being born. 
As it has been so hot this month I have found that I haven't worn much make up at all, mainly because it would all melt of my face! So here are the products that I have used most this month:

Nails inc: Royal Botanical Gardens
This very cute mini polish is from the nails inc spring summer collection. It is a lovely mint/ blue colour (in the picture it does look a bit more blue than mint!) I really like this colour and as it was so hot it was nice to have a cooler colour on my nails. 

Rimmel: Strawberry Fizz
This is a lovely pink polish which I used in my strawberry nail design. This polish is a bit different to the others as it has a scent. It has a strawberry like scent to it and you can still smell it when your nails are dry. 

Maybelline BB Cream
Because of the heat I have barely worn make up at all. When I have needed to put some on I have used my trusty BB cream! I have gone for this as it has SPF to protect my face from the sun as well as giving me coverage. It lasted well in the heat and only toward the end of the day did it start to feel like it was starting to melt.

Simple Facial Wash 
I have really been loving this face wash by simple as it is gentle on my skin and leaves my face feeling fresh. As I haven't been wearing much make up I have upped my skin care and this has been my favourite for a refreshing cleanse.

Simple Hydro Mist
Face mists seem to be very popular this month with many people. For me I have really loved using the Simple hydro mist to help cool down my face. Whenever I needed to cool down I would spritz this on. It is lovely and cooling and leaved me feeling refreshed.

So there are my favourites for this month. Have you been loving any of these? Or if not what have been your favourites this month?
Love Bella x


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    1. They are really lovely to use and also don't have the big expensive price tag attached! :) x


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