4 Jul 2013

Eyeshadow colours

Want your eye colour to stand out? Don't know what eyeshadow colours look best with your eye colour? Well fear not as once you know what colours work best with your eye colour you will be well on your way to having beautiful make up. Choosing the right colour eyeshadow can make a big difference to how your eye looks. Many of us girls don't know what eyeshadow colours to choose, and what colours work best with our eye colour. However that is about to change as I am going to share with you which colours work with each eye colour. For each eye colour there are contrasting and harmonising colours. Contrasting colours will help your eye colour to stand out. where as harmonising colours are more subtle.

Green eyes:
Contrasting: Brown, Purple, Red
Harmonising: Darker green than colour of iris gives depth

Blue - Grey eyes:
Contrasting: Pink, Orange, Gold, Bronze
Harmonising: Lighter shades illuminate 

Brown - Black eyes:
Contrasting: Red, Yellow, Silver, Green
Harmonising: Gold, Brown, and earth tones

Neutral: (any eye colour)
Grey, Beige, White, Black

So now you know what colours best suit your eye colour. You can use this as a guide and experiment with different shades etc, to find the best colour as each eye colour is different in its own way and you know what works best for you. 
I hope that this was helpful to you. Let me know how you get on, or if you have any great eye shadow tips.
Love Bella x 

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