30 Sep 2015

September Favourites

September Favourites - Miss Bella blogs

Another month has already gone by and I am once again writing about my favourites while wondering where the month went! I haven't really used that many different products this month from the past few months however there are a few different ones that I have been reaching for. 

Balm Balm lip balm
With the weather getting colder I like to keep my lips moisturised. Last month I ran out of the small pot of this balm and when I went to repurchase I decided that I would have a bit of a change and get the tube. It is also perfect for popping in my bag to have at hand when I am out and about. 

Collection lasting perfection concealer
This is a firm favourite among many. My concealer also ran out this month so after not using this for a while I thought I would give it a try again. I have only been using it at the end of this month but I am finding that it is doing a good job of helping to hide any imperfections I have.

Maybelline color tattoo cream gel eyeshadow
I love the color tattoo shadows from Maybelline, they blend well, last a long time and have really nice colours too. I have been loving this one throughout this month, it is a leather effect one in the shade creamy beige. It looks great on it's own and also a base. I like to put a light layer all over my lid and blend a bit more into my crease and along my lash line. It is so quick and easy to use and really saves time in the morning by not having to spend more time applying and blending eyeshadows. 

Beauty blender
I do prefer makeup brushes over sponges however I do like to use this beauty blender when applying foundation and concealer. When I want to wear liquid foundation or have a bit more time to do my makeup I do like to use this sponge. It is easy to blend the product in well leaving a nice finish. I do prefer using this to blend in concealer a bit more than foundation however as I do prefer using a brush. 

What are your favourites from this month?
Love Bella x 

25 Sep 2015

Friday Five

Friday Five / Autumn Nail Polish Wish List - Miss Bella blogs
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As we are now into the Autumn months I have been looking around for some nail polishes that would be perfect for this time of year! As you may already see I love Essie polishes and would love to own every single shade! I'm sure one day that may happen seeing as my collection is slowly growing all the time and what better way to reach that goal then to pick out some new polishes to go onto my wish list! I love berry shades for Autumn and I am also a big neutral polish lover so these are the perfect shades for me.

What nail polishes are on your wishlist for Autumn? 
Love Bella x 

20 Sep 2015

Problems Only Beauty Lovers Will Understand

Problems Only Beauty Lovers Will Understand  - Miss Bella blogs

Loving beauty products so much sometimes comes with the odd problems. So in today's post I thought that I would share some of the problems I have found from loving beauty products so much!

  • Not having enough storage to store all your products
  • Either having to get an enormous make up bag or have lots of them to actually put all your make up in
  • Packing makeup for a trip or for travel becomes so difficult - especially if you need to pack light!
  • Other people just don't understand why you need so many products 
  • You will find yourself saying something like this or along the lines of this to others a lot 'yes I do need this eyeshadow and no I don't already have one exactly the same it is, it is a completely different shade of brown from the other browns that I have!'
  • You get so excited when there are any new product releases 
  • You love chatting to the people that work on make up counters and sharing make up tips with them
  • You often have many of the same products on the go at once 
  • Washing your many, many makeup brushes can be a real chore 
  • Even though you have so many beauty products you often find yourself thinking that you need more

What other beauty problems have you found?
Love Bella x 

15 Sep 2015

Beauty Wishlist

Beauty Wishlist - Miss Bella blogs

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As we are into the Autumn months now I have been looking around for some makeup perfect for this time of year. As you may know I love berry shades in Autumn, so this Nails inc nail polish and Origins lip balm fit right in! As I'm not a big lipstick fan and prefer something more nourishing for my lip,s this hydrating lip balm is the perfect fit for me. It will help look after my lips especially as the weather gets colder as well as providing colour. I also have my eye on two very pretty eyeshadow palettes! I love the beautiful colours in this Guerlain palette and think that they would fit perfectly with an Autumn look. Of course the other palette is the new Urban Decay Smokey palette which also has the perfect shades for Autumn and Winter too! Lastly this brush on brow mousse from Clinique, I personally prefer to use this type of brow product rather than filling my brows in with powder etc. It is said to stay in place for 24 hours and also through many different conditions so I know that my brows will stay in place all day.

What's on your beauty wishlist at the moment?
Love Bella x 

10 Sep 2015

Nails Of The Day

Nails of the Day - Miss Bella blogs

The nail polish that I am wearing today has already featured on my blog in my confessions of a mini haul post. It is an Essie polish in the shade 'sugar daddy'. It is a really pretty pale pink polish and makes the perfect nude polish. I have put on two coats of this polish and the colour does build up a bit with each coat so you could just choose to have a light colour that gives your nails a pretty shine or you could also build up the colour a bit to a pale pink shade. Nude polishes are perfect if you want a polish on your nails but don't necessarily want a colour.

What is your favourite nude polish?
Love Bella x