31 Aug 2013

August Favourites

Not only has it come to the end of August, it has also come to the end of summer. I will miss the warm summer days and summer wardrobe, but I am also excited for the autumn months ahead. So as you may know from my June and July favourites I haven't worm a lot of make up, this month I have worn more but still not a lot. 
Here are the products that I have been using the most this month.

Simple Day Cream
It is important for everyone to keep skin moisturised. I have been loving the simple vital vitamin day cream as it keeps my skim moisturised and protected from the sun throughout the day. I have used this on its own when I have had a bare face day as well as sometimes under my BB cream. 

L'Occitane Citrus Verbena Summer Fragrance
This is my favourite fragrance and I love wearing this in the summer. It is a lovely fresh citrus scent and it really lifts my mood whenever I wear it. I have done a post on this where I have talked about it in more detail if you want to know more.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 
This is a new product that I purchased recently and I have been loving wearing this cream eye shadow.  In fact I wear this pretty much everyday. I have the colour 'on and on bronze' and it is such a pretty colour. It is so easy to apply and I just like to get a bit on my ring finger and pat onto my eye lid. (I have tried applying it with a brush but using my finger is so much easier.)

Rimmel Wake Me Up blush
This is another recent purchase and was in my haul post. This has a mouse like texture and blends onto the skin so smoothly.  It has a slight shimmer but not too much and has a lovely colour that you can build up. It is light on the skin and stays on well, it also has a fresh scent to it but isn't too strong and disappears after a while. I have it in the colour '002 radiant rose'.

Rimmel nail polish
This nail polish hasn't just been popular on my nails this month as it has also appeared in three of my posts (including this one). I really love this bright summery yellow and is a perfect summer nail colour. This polish is called 'sunshine' which I also love as it is a great name for this wonderful colour. If you want to see the other posts this polish is in just click on these links: Friday 5, Nails of the day.

So there are my August favourites. What has been your favourite products this month or throughout the summer?
Love Bella x 

28 Aug 2013

Fruit Picking

One thing I love to do during the summer is go fruit picking. Summer fruits are so yummy and there is something about picking your own that makes them that extra bit special. Now you may be thinking that fruit picking sounds quite boring, well it can sound like it compared to all the busy, exciting things we get up to over summer. However I think that it is just as good. It is a lovely way to take a break from all the other things and is so calming to wander around. It can also be a lot cheaper than buying the fruit at the shop and an extra bonus is that you get to choose it all your self and how much you want! Another thing is that there are places that have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and they may also sell other ready picked things too.

What is one of your favourite things to do during summer? Have you been fruit picking, or would you like to?
Love Bella x

23 Aug 2013

Nails of the Day

Making the most of summer I decided to do a sun inspired nail design. I used the yellow Rimmel nail polish called Sunshine, featured in my top 5 Rimmel summer nail polish colours post. I used a light blue polish for the sky.
I came up with the idea for the sun from the name of the polish, sunshine. As I wanted to use the yellow but wanted something a bit different to just block colour.

What have you been wearing on your nails recently? What has been your favourite summer nail colour?
Love Bella x 

18 Aug 2013

Favourite Things About Summer

Ok so first up I know that a lot of bloggers have been doing the I heart summer tag, where they answers set questions about summer. However I have decided to do something a little different and instead I am just going to talk about my favourite things about summer. So without further a do here they are.

Warmer weather: One thing about the summer months that I am sure many of us look forward to is the weather warming up. 

Summer wardrobe: This fits nicely in with the weather warming up. When it is warmer outside it means brighter more colourful clothing. Shorts, summery skirts and summer dresses can come out of hiding along with summer footwear. 

Make up and skin care: I don't know about you but in the summer I wear less make up. This then means that I end up taking more care of skin and therefore my skin care is boosted. 

Nail polish: In the summer nail polish comes into play, with brighter colours and fun summery nail designs.

Longer days: One of my most favourite things about summer is that it is brighter for longer. You wake up and it is sunny and bright out, and the sun is still there in the evening. The one thing that I don't like about the winter months is that it is only light for a short amount of the day. 

So there are some of my favourite things about summer. What are your favourite things about this time of year?
Love Bella x 

14 Aug 2013

No7 Brush Cleanser

As you may know from my recent haul post I have recently purchased the No7 brush cleanser. I haven't used a brush cleanser before as I just used to deep clean my brushes. I could also never seem to find a brush cleanser that wasn't too expensive. This was until I was browsing the make up brush section in boots and saw this, and as it was a good price for the size of the bottle I added it to my basket. 

I didn't waste any time and when I got home I tried it out by cleaning my make up brushes from the morning. It works so well and removed from what I could tell all of the make up. The time it took was almost nothing and quickly got rid of the left over make up. 

I wasn't so keen on the scent of the product, but it isn't very strong and you can only smell it at first as the scent soon disappears. You also have to be careful not the push down on the pump to hard as the product comes out quickly.

I am very glad I bought this product and it has made cleaning my brushes so much easier. I still deep clean them every month like it advises on the bottle. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a brush cleanser or wanting to try another one, and definitely to anyone who doesn't clean their make up brushes! 

Have you tried this brush cleanser and if so what do you think of it? Are there any other brush cleansers that are worth trying?
Love Bella x  

9 Aug 2013

Friday Five

For this months Friday 5 I am sharing with you, my top 5 Rimmel nail polish colours for summer. I really love to paint my nails and love so many colours. My love for Rimmel nail polishes started when I wanted to build up my nail polish collection without it being very expensive. I was first drawn to the wide section of colours as many of the other high street brands didn't have anywhere near the range of colours. I also found that Rimmel nail polish has a very affordable price but is still great quality. So anyway on to my top 5 colours for summer.

First up is a lovely summery yellow called 'sunshine'. Yellow is such a bright, happy colour and perfect for warm summer days. It is also a great colour for those colder, cloudier days as it adds a pop of sunny colour to your day. I also love the name of this polish, sunshine is a great name for this yellow as it is like summer in a bottle.

Next up is a light pearly green called 'pear drop'. It is almost an aqua green and is a lovely shade for summer time. Emerald green has been a popular colour this year but I like this as a lighter alternative for summer.

Of course you have to have a lovely bright red. I really like this one called 'hot and spicy' as it is a lighter red and not too intense or wintry. It is great if you want your nails to be bright and stand out.

I also have a lovely shade of pink called 'strawberry fizz'. Pink shades are my favourite and I love this one for summer. It isn't too dark or too light and is great for wearing every day or when you want a calmer everyday nail.

Last but not least 'tangy tangerine'. It is a lovely orange but isn't too bright and in your face. It also looks good paired with the sunshine yellow, painting each alternate nail to give that extra pop of summery colour.

So there are my top 5 summer nail polish colours. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post. I would love to know what your favourite from these is, as well as your favourite summer nail polish colours.
Love Bella x

5 Aug 2013

Bourjois Color Boost

Bourjois have wonderful products and haven't disappointed me yet. That is why I got very excited when they released the color boost lipstick. I am not a huge fan of lip products as I find that lipsticks are quite drying and lipglosses are quite sticky. However when Clinique came out with their chubby stick lipstick my faith in lip products was restored! Ever since brands have been creating similar products, but for me none have stood out enough that I have wanted to try them. This was until the Bourjois color boost. I held out from getting it at first as I wanted to read what other people thought and see if it was something I would like. I was impressed by what people had said and went out and got the colour 'peach on the beach'. 

What I really like about this is that it has SPF. We all know how important SPF is and I really like that it has protection for my lips while giving a lovely colour. It is easy and smooth to apply onto the lips. When applying it melts onto the lips giving a lovely smooth application. It also isn't sticky or drying and has a lovely glossy look and feel. These are great for wearing during the day and I think that this colour is perfect for summer. 

One thing I did find with these is that they really sit in the fine lines of your lips. I do think that it looks best on exfoliated lips. I would also recommend using a lip liner as without I found it can look a bit blurry. 

So over all I think that this is a very good product but for me it doesn't quite top the Clinique chubby stick but does come very close. Have you tried this one, or any of the others? Which one is your favourite?
Love Bella x 

2 Aug 2013

Beauty Haul

So this is my first haul on my blog! I thought it would be nice to put together the products that I have bought recently and share them with you. These are all new products for me that I haven't used before. Some items I have bought from reviews by other bloggers, and some because I liked the look of and wanted to see what they are like.

Ok so first up I have a TRESemme intense smoothing masque, I really like TRESemme products so decided to see what their masques would be like.
Next up the Garnier self-tan body wipes. It seems like such a quick and easy way to bronzed beauty with out all the fuss of tanning mitts, mousses, sprays etc.
On to make up, I haven't tried any of the Maybelline color show nail polishes so when I saw this white one I thought I would give them a whirl.
I also picked up two Rimmel products. The first a scandal eyes eyeliner in bronze, and the  wake me up blush in radiant rose.
I also picked up one of the Bourjois color boost lipsticks in the colour peach on the beach. 
As well as a bloggers favourite collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer.
As micellar waters are popular at the moment the L'Oreal 3 in 1 purifying micellar solution was added to the bag.
Last but not least the No7 make up brush cleanser, so I can spot clean my brushes easily after each use.

If you have any of these items I would love to know what you think of them and if you have found if they have worked for you. Also if you have seen a product that you would like to try and would like to know about it let me know.
Love Bella x