28 Aug 2013

Fruit Picking

One thing I love to do during the summer is go fruit picking. Summer fruits are so yummy and there is something about picking your own that makes them that extra bit special. Now you may be thinking that fruit picking sounds quite boring, well it can sound like it compared to all the busy, exciting things we get up to over summer. However I think that it is just as good. It is a lovely way to take a break from all the other things and is so calming to wander around. It can also be a lot cheaper than buying the fruit at the shop and an extra bonus is that you get to choose it all your self and how much you want! Another thing is that there are places that have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and they may also sell other ready picked things too.

What is one of your favourite things to do during summer? Have you been fruit picking, or would you like to?
Love Bella x


  1. How fun! I used to do this with my cousins when i was younger.
    Cute blog
    Mia ♡ Une Jolie Vie

  2. Yum! xo


  3. I used to love picking cherries this time of year but havne't done it in a long time.

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  4. I've never been fruit picking but I don't think it sounds boring at all! We don't have anything like this in Brazil so to me it sounds very exciting! I really wanna go! Just started following you on Bloglovin! xx


    1. I hope you get to go sometime :) Thanks for following my blog it is lovely to know that you like it :) x


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