14 Aug 2013

No7 Brush Cleanser

As you may know from my recent haul post I have recently purchased the No7 brush cleanser. I haven't used a brush cleanser before as I just used to deep clean my brushes. I could also never seem to find a brush cleanser that wasn't too expensive. This was until I was browsing the make up brush section in boots and saw this, and as it was a good price for the size of the bottle I added it to my basket. 

I didn't waste any time and when I got home I tried it out by cleaning my make up brushes from the morning. It works so well and removed from what I could tell all of the make up. The time it took was almost nothing and quickly got rid of the left over make up. 

I wasn't so keen on the scent of the product, but it isn't very strong and you can only smell it at first as the scent soon disappears. You also have to be careful not the push down on the pump to hard as the product comes out quickly.

I am very glad I bought this product and it has made cleaning my brushes so much easier. I still deep clean them every month like it advises on the bottle. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a brush cleanser or wanting to try another one, and definitely to anyone who doesn't clean their make up brushes! 

Have you tried this brush cleanser and if so what do you think of it? Are there any other brush cleansers that are worth trying?
Love Bella x  

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