5 Aug 2013

Bourjois Color Boost

Bourjois have wonderful products and haven't disappointed me yet. That is why I got very excited when they released the color boost lipstick. I am not a huge fan of lip products as I find that lipsticks are quite drying and lipglosses are quite sticky. However when Clinique came out with their chubby stick lipstick my faith in lip products was restored! Ever since brands have been creating similar products, but for me none have stood out enough that I have wanted to try them. This was until the Bourjois color boost. I held out from getting it at first as I wanted to read what other people thought and see if it was something I would like. I was impressed by what people had said and went out and got the colour 'peach on the beach'. 

What I really like about this is that it has SPF. We all know how important SPF is and I really like that it has protection for my lips while giving a lovely colour. It is easy and smooth to apply onto the lips. When applying it melts onto the lips giving a lovely smooth application. It also isn't sticky or drying and has a lovely glossy look and feel. These are great for wearing during the day and I think that this colour is perfect for summer. 

One thing I did find with these is that they really sit in the fine lines of your lips. I do think that it looks best on exfoliated lips. I would also recommend using a lip liner as without I found it can look a bit blurry. 

So over all I think that this is a very good product but for me it doesn't quite top the Clinique chubby stick but does come very close. Have you tried this one, or any of the others? Which one is your favourite?
Love Bella x 


  1. Great review hun! I've been really wanting to try this and I can't wait to get my mitts on it! I love the shade so much and even though these might not me as good as the Clinique ones I'm super excited to try them out! :)

    Andrea | RosyChicc

    1. Thanks :) It really is lovely and a great cheaper alturanative to the Clinique chubby stick. I would love to know what you think of it when you get one x


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