31 Oct 2014

Urban Decay Naked Palette - My Favourite Shades

I am a real eyeshadow lover, I love wearing eyeshadow and trying out looks of different looks. Now as an eyeshadow lover of course I love the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I have the first and third palettes and think that they both have such a lovely range of gorgeous eyeshadows. So for today's post I thought that I would share my top favourite shadows from each palette.

Naked Palette - 'Half Baked'

Naked Palette - 'Toasted'

Naked Palette - ' Sin' and 'Naked'

Naked 3 Palette - 'Strange' 

Naked 3 Palette - 'Limit'

Naked 3 Palette - 'Buzz'

Naked 3 Palette - 'Nooner'

So there are my favourite shades from my naked palettes. Which Naked palette do you have? Which shades are your favourite? 
Love Bella x 

28 Oct 2014

Nails of the Day

This nail look has already made an appearance on my blog before, although not actually on my nails! The polishes I am wearing are Essie 'Fiji' and 'A Cut Above'. This nail duo was featured in this blog post, and I realised the other day that I haven't actually shown what they look like on the nail! So here they are! I really love these two polishes together and the photo really doesn't show up how beautiful it really looks in person. 

What do you think of this nail duo? What is your favourite nail polish duo?
Love Bella x 

24 Oct 2014

Friday Five

One of my favourite things about the different seasons is changing up my nail polish colours as I love painting my nails with different colours. I was scrolling through the Nails inc website and found some nail polish colours that would be perfect for this time of year, and I thought that I would share some of my favourite with you today.

I have this beautiful dusky pink polish and it is my favourite colour at the moment! I love the gel effects polishes as they look amazing on the nail and also last for so much longer than normal polishes.

Berry shades are an all time favourite for me in Autumn and I have my eye on this lovely shade!

Porchester square is another favourite of mine, it is also a very popular shade from Nails inc. I really love this beautiful neutral shade and think it is a must have for everyone! 

I think that the foil effect polishes are so interesting and gives your polish that different look. I love this golden colour for this time of year too!

Of Course we can't forget about a glitter polish and this gorgeous rose glitter is on my wishlist! It is such a pretty polish and think it would look amazing on it's own or as an accent nail.

What nail polishes do you love for this time of year? 
Love Bella x 

19 Oct 2014

Who To Follow On Pinterest

Pinterest is one of my favourite sites to go on. I love scrolling through all the different pages of pins, from beauty to d├ęcor, DIY to fashion, there is just so much to look at. So for today's post I have decided that I would share some of my favourite pinners on Pinterest. 

The Beauty Department are the go to place for all things beauty, whether you are after a new hair style idea or new nail colour they have pins of plenty! 

Lauren Conrad has the most beautiful Pinterest boards. She has so many amazing pins to give inspiration and advice, a definite must follow on Pinterest!

Many of you may already know Bethany from her amazing blog Birds Words. Well she has an equally amazing Pinterest too! In fact she has a wide range of boards including, beauty, fashion, DIY, quotes, food, art and many more! 

Rachel has her own blog Pink Peonies, where she blogs about fashion and has the most amazing wardrobe! So if you love beautiful outfits and fashion then you should definitely follow her on Pinterest.

Emily Jackson

Emily is Rachel's sister and also has an amazing fashion blog Ivory Lane. So again if you love fashion you will love her Pinterest page! 

Who's Pinterest page do follow and love?
Love Bella x 

15 Oct 2014

10 Things You Will Understand If You Have Sensitive Skin

1. When people think that they also have sensitive skin if they react to one product. It is not the same as reacting to so many different products! 

2. Your skin can get irritated to pretty much anything! (Shaving your legs is a real pain too!)

3. Reacting to products and having to hide away your red blotchy face from the world for at least 24 hours (if not more)! Even worse if you have reacted to a product before needing to go somewhere and having to decide if covering up with make up (which will quite often make it worse) or going bare faced is the best option! 

4. Samples become your best friend and so does testing products. Thank goodness for samples! These are especially great when you are trying a more expensive product! This is the same for testing a product at the counter, in fact quite often you would test it at least a good 5 or so times before buying, just to make sure! 

5. People at make up counters that think you are making up an excuse not to buy something when you say that you want to test a product and wear it for a bit before buying it. You also feel bad saying it, but it is so much better than giving in and buying the product there and then only to find out that you have a reaction to it!

6. Having to carry around the carefully selected make up wipes (that you don't react to) with you whenever you go shopping (for use when you react to a product and they won't take it off for you!) This has happened to me a few times. In fact the first time this happened I didn't have any make up wipes on me so had to go to another store and thankfully a very lovely lady on another make up counter removed it for me! 

7. When you try a new product and the first time you use it everything is fine, you are so overjoyed that you have found a product that works well and that your skin likes. Only to find that the second time you use it you end up having a horrendous reaction to! Then after that you are never sure whether to try it again or not! 

8. People think you are a beauty product snob as you will only buy from 'such and such' a brand as that is the one that you can actually use. Quite often it is the more expensive brands and only certain products, so when you ask for it as a gift you are just given the money to get it yourself! 

9. Thinking that you may as well just give up on skin care and wearing make up. Hey if it worked for cavewomen it can work for you too! 

10. Only buying from brands that will actually let you return a product if you have an reaction to it. 

Do you have sensitive skin too? What other things have you found from having it?
Love Bella x 

12 Oct 2014

Beauty Product Empties

Well as you might have already guessed I have finished a few beauty products recently! What better way to celebrate than to do my first product empties post! I am so proud of myself for actually finishing beauty products as I quite often forget about a product then find it again much later, and by that time it usually needs to be thrown out. So I have been very determined to get better at finishing products and I have managed to finish quite a few. Well enough rambling from me and onto the products!

Simple eye make up remover

If you know me you will already know how much I love simple products! One of my favourites from this brand has to be this eye make up remover! It removes make up so well and even stubborn waterproof mascara! 

Did I like using this product? Yes
Will I repurchase this? Yes (already have!)
Product rating out of 5: 5/5

TRESemme heat defence spray

It is so important to protect your hair from any heat, and I have been using this spray from TRESemme. I like to use this spray with any heat tools, blow dry, straightening, curling, the lot! It is so easy to use and I love that it has a UV filter and also protection up to quite a high temperature! 

Did I like using this product? Yes
Will I repurchase this? Yes (again I already have!)
Product rating out of 5: 5/5

Batiste dry shampoo

I really like the batiste dry shampoo's. They are so good to have at hand when you want to give your hair a quick refresh, and they have such pretty scents as well! I do find though that if you apply too much it can be difficult to completely rub in.

Did I like using this product? Yes
Will I repurchase this? Yes 
Product rating out of 5: 4/5

Norwegian formula hand cream 

I get really dry skin and often find it very difficult to find a hand cream that will moisturise my skin enough. I also really hate the greasy feeling that hand creams have so when I found this one I was so happy. It moisturises well and really does absorb quickly! It is perfect for the upcoming winter months too! 

Did I like using this product? Yes
Will I repurchase this? Yes (already have!)
Product rating out of 5: 5/5

Maybelline the rocket mascara

I have been impressed with the Maybelline mascara's and this one is one of my favourites. I have the waterproof one and I think it I better than the non waterproof as I have found it lasts longer and also does't 'fall' down giving that dreaded panda eye look! As good as it is though I still prefer some of the 'higher end' mascara's as they last a lot longer and have a bit more omph, however this is a great non expensive mascara!

Did I like using this product? Yes
Will I repurchase this? Yes
Product rating out of 5: 3.5/5

Maybelline gel eyeliner

I really like the gel eyeliner and for me it is easy to apply with some practice. I like the brush that is included but also found that using an angled brush works well too. It lasts well throughout the day and is also easy enough to remove.

Did I like using this product? Yes
Will I repurchase this? Yes
Product rating out of 5: 4/5

What products have you finished recently?
Love Bella x 

9 Oct 2014

A Lush Wishlist

There have been a lot of Lush hauls around at the moment and with the release of the new Halloween and Christmas items I have been even more inspired to create a wishlist of some products from Lush that I would love to try! So onto the products I have chosen! Some of them I have read some good reviews of on other blogs, some from hauls videos and others are ones I have spotted in the shop and like the sound of! I have listed below each product from left to right.

American Cream - Conditioner I Dream Time - Bath Melt I Northern Lights - Bath Bomb I Sparkly Pumpkin - Bubble Bar I Popcorn - Lip Scrub  I Dreamwash - Shower Smoothie I Ultimate Shine - Shampoo Bar I Rub Rub Rub - Shower Scrub I Fresh Farmacy - Facial Wash

What Lush products do you have your eye on at the moment? 
Love Bella x 

5 Oct 2014

Autumn Outfits

We are well and truly in Autumn now and as you may have seen in a previous post I have been busy pinning Autumn inspired pins on Pinterest. I have seen a lot of outfit looks, and looking through them all got me inspired to create some Autumn outfits of my own! So I went scrolling through the shops online and I have created two outfits of my own for Autumn. 

This outfit would be a great everyday look. I really like the layered look and wanted to create a look that involved it. Layering is great for this time of year as you can easily build up the layers when it gets colder. I also really like the more neutral tones with the blue.

This outfit can be worn in the evening but it could also be worn in the day. I really love this dress and think it could be worn in many ways. To go for a more everyday look you can swap the heals for some flats or boots and if it is colder add a pair of black tights. 

Which outfit is your favourite? 
Love Bella x 

Disclaimer: These images are from the New Look website