19 Oct 2014

Who To Follow On Pinterest

Pinterest is one of my favourite sites to go on. I love scrolling through all the different pages of pins, from beauty to décor, DIY to fashion, there is just so much to look at. So for today's post I have decided that I would share some of my favourite pinners on Pinterest. 

The Beauty Department are the go to place for all things beauty, whether you are after a new hair style idea or new nail colour they have pins of plenty! 

Lauren Conrad has the most beautiful Pinterest boards. She has so many amazing pins to give inspiration and advice, a definite must follow on Pinterest!

Many of you may already know Bethany from her amazing blog Birds Words. Well she has an equally amazing Pinterest too! In fact she has a wide range of boards including, beauty, fashion, DIY, quotes, food, art and many more! 

Rachel has her own blog Pink Peonies, where she blogs about fashion and has the most amazing wardrobe! So if you love beautiful outfits and fashion then you should definitely follow her on Pinterest.

Emily Jackson

Emily is Rachel's sister and also has an amazing fashion blog Ivory Lane. So again if you love fashion you will love her Pinterest page! 

Who's Pinterest page do follow and love?
Love Bella x 


  1. I love pintrest so much it can amuse me for hours! xx


    1. Haha yes same, it is when you only plan to be on for a few minutes to find a pin and end up spending hours on there! x


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