22 Jun 2013

Simple day cream

I love using the simple hydrating light moisturiser, I also like using the vital vitamin night cream so when I saw this day cream I thought I would give it a try. I was also drawn to it as it has sunscreens so thought it would be good summer product. This cream is thicker than the hydrating light moisturiser and takes a bit longer to blend in but after it has soaked in it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I love to use this product in the warmer months as if I am in a rush or forget to put sun protectant on my face I know that with this product I am covered. (This product was also featured in my summer essentials post)
I have used this day cream under make up, but I prefer to use it on its own or just with a bit of concealer. I sometimes use this day cream along with the hydrating light moisturiser. I will use the moisturiser on my face and then put make up on, I would then use the day cream on my neck.

Do you like using simple products? If so what are your favourites, and if not what other brands/ creams do you love using? Feel free to comment below about them.
Love Bella x

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