8 Jun 2013

Nails inc Glitter polish

I have recently purchased a nails inc special effects 3D glitter polish. This one is called marylebone and has a pinky/purple glitter mixed with a silver glitter. 

When I first saw this polish I loved it and wanted to get one myself. I love glitter polishes as well as pink ones so this was my two favourites mixed together. 
When I put it on it dried much faster than any other ones I have used. It also had a great coverage as I applied it like a normal nail polish instead of dabbing it on like other glitter polishes. You could just leave it with one coat but it does looks a lot better with two. I also applied a top coat. 
One thing I did find with this polish is that it does chip and peal off a lot easier than other glitter polishes, and that after a few days I needed to take it off. However it would be a great polish for an event or something more formal as you wouldn't need to wear it for a longer period of time.
Do you have this polish too? If not what's your favourite one? I would love to hear about it from you!
Love Bella x  


  1. Wow. they are gorgeous. Think i need to buy myself this polish! Love it! xo


    1. It is a really lovely polish, I am glad that you like it too :)x


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