31 Jan 2014

January Favourites

I can't believe that it is already the end of January! It does feel like only yesterday I was writing up my 2013 favourites. But enough me of me wandering where the month went, and on to my favourites for the month!

As you can see all my favourites, except the nail polish are eye related products! 

Essie Nail polish - Jam n' Jelly
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this already. It is such a pretty fushia coloured polish, and I have liked wearing it this month. The beautiful bright colour has really cheered up the dark and gloomy days.

Clinique Eyeshadow Quad - Pink Chocolate 
I won't go into this product too much as it was featured in my last post, so if you want to know a bit more follow this link. To sum up I really love these colours and have worn these eyeshadows pretty much everyday this month!

Clinique High Impact Mascara 
Clinique are definitely doing well with eye makeup. I love this mascara! It apply's so well, doesn't clump up on the lashes, and adds some wonderful length. I also think it has the best mascara wand I have tried so far! 

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream
I really like this eye cream from Benefit. It is smooth to apply, isn't greasy, brightens my eyes and as well as all of that has a lovely scent that isn't to overpowering. I really like using this eye cream and I'm glad that I have found one that I like as it is also important to moisturize around your eyes as well as your face and neck. 

Benefit Instant Brow Pencil 
I really love this brow pencil. I find it such a quick and easy way of filling in my brows. It is great for a natural look, and doesn't look like they are drawn on at all. I also really love the spoolie on the other end of the pencil. A definite must for lovely brows! 

So there are my January favourites! Do you like any of these products? What products have you been loving this month?
Love Bella x 

28 Jan 2014

Clinique eye shadow quad

This eyeshadow quad is the first eyeshadow that I have tried from Clinique and I have not been let down! When the new eyeshadow quads were released I had my eye on this quad 'pink chocolate'. I just love these colours and in particular the pink toned shade. Recently I have been loving brown and pink toned eyeshadows so this quad is perfect for me! 

What I love about this quad is that on the mirror of the product it shows a way to apply the eyeshadows. As well as this I have found these colours so wearable and have come up with so many different ways to wear these colours. 

The colour pigments are great, they can be built up and lasts well throughout the day. This quad can create looks for everyday and evening looks. 

The packaging of this product is so sleek. It has mirrored packaging, and includes eyeshadow applicators, and a mirror so is great for taking on the go! 

Overall I would recommend Clinique eyeshadows, and if you also like brown and pink toned shadows then I would defiantly recommend this quad!

Have you tried any Clinique products?
Love Bella x 

24 Jan 2014

Friday Five

Today's Friday 5 is going to be linked with the theme of the month, operation organization. So I am going to be sharing 5 tips on being organized. 

Have a place for everything 
Giving everything a home will help keep all of your things organised. It also means that you will know where everything is, so that things are quick and easy to find.

Plan ahead
Planning ahead means that you will know what you are doing and when, as well as knowing when you need to do things by. Write out schedules of what you are doing, make note of any events coming up, and things that need to be done. 
Make use of organizing stationary
Stationary such as magazine holders, files, diary's, note books and pads are all useful ways of keeping things organized and making note of things. Organizers are great as all of your information is in one place, so you don't have to find a separate note book, diary, address book etc. 

Get rid of clutter
Clear out anything you don't need or use anymore that isn't going to be useful. For example clear out old makeup, clothes you don't wear anymore or don't fit, etc.   

Write lists 
Writing out lists of things you need to do/get/remember is so much easier than trying to remember everything. It also means you don't have to worry about forgetting anything as you will have it written down!  

I hope that these tips are helpful and come in use for anyone wanting to be more organized. 
Do you have any other useful tips on keeping organised?
Love Bella x 

20 Jan 2014

Beauty Haul

Recently I have come to the end of a few products, so I went out and repurchased them as well as picking up a few extras! 

Here's what I bought:
Skin care: Simple kind to skin exfoliating body wash, Simple kind to skin deep cleansing face mask, No7 Beautiful skin face wipes, Boots cotton wool double faces oval pads
Makeup: No7 essentially natural foundation, L'Oreal color riche lipstick
Hair care: Batiste dry shampoo

Repurchase: simple exfoliating body wash. I really love simple's products and this is a great body wash for exfoliating as well as being kind and gentle on my skin. 

Repurchase: batiste dry shampoo. This is my favourite dry shampoo out of all the ones that I have tried so far. It works great for refreshing hair and adding a bit of volume. 

Repurchase: Simple deep cleansing face mask. This is my favourite skin care product at the moment. It leaves my skin feeling and looking amazing. It is also a great way for a quick skin pick me up as you only leave it on for 3 minutes.

Repurchase: No7 essentially natural foundation. I haven't finished my first one yet but as I had a voucher for money off No7 products and as I was coming close to the end of my other one I decided to get another. It is a great foundation for days when I don't want to wear much makeup but want a bit of coverage.

New product: L'Oreal color riche lipstick in 'Julianne's nude'. I don't really wear a lot of lip products and decided that I wanted to try some out. I have been looking around at lipsticks and when I came across this one I really like the colour and it isn't to 'out there' so will be great way for me to get used to wearing lipsticks. 

Repurchase: Boots cotton wool double faced oval pads. These are my favourite cotton pads. I like to use them to remove makeup and nail polish. I used to use the smaller circle pads, but I have found that the oval pads are a much better size.

New Product: No7 Beautiful skin quick thinking wipes. I had another voucher for money off No7 skin care products and decided to give these makeup wipes a try. I know that makeup wipes are not to best thing to use but I like to have them to hand and find that they can be useful. 

Do you have any of these products? What have you bought recently?
Love Bella x 

16 Jan 2014

Colour of the year - radiant orchid

Pantone have revealed the colour of the year and as you can see from above it is 'Radiant Orchid'. I think this is a lovely colour and look forward to seeing at lot more of it! If you would like to read the press release just click on this link

Being inspired by this colour I decided to have a look at makeup products and see if they had any shades that fit. I have included my findings below on lip products, blush, eyeshadows and eyeliner as well as nail polishes. I hope that some of these inspire you on some makeup products to use for the coming year.

Mac - 'Up The Amp'

Benefit - 'Kiss You'

Benefit - 'Lollitint'

Bourjois - 'Rose De Jaspe' 

Mac - 'Creme De Violet'

Clinique - 'Going Steady'

Urban Decay - 'Grifter'  

Urban Decay - eyeliner 'Asphyxia'

Essie - 'DJ Play That Song' & 'Foot Loose' 

Nails inc - 'Devonshire Row' 

Do you like any of these products? What do you think of this years colour radiant orchid? 
Love Bella x 

12 Jan 2014

Nails Of The Day

Today's nails feature a new purchase in the form of a nails inc crackle effect polish. Nails inc are having a sale on at the moment and when scrolling through the nail polishes I came across this silver crackle effect polish. I hadn't tried a crackle polish and really liked the look of this one so it was added to my bag. 

The polish that I used underneath the crackle top coat was Essie's Fiji. I really love the two polishes together and I think that they look so beautiful on my nails. 

If you also love the nail polishes from Nails inc or would like to try some out, be sure to have a look over at the products that they have on sale (there's a lot of lovely polishes at some much cheaper prices!) They also have daily deals throughout the month of January, so if you are interested have a look over at their Facebook page.

Do you like crackle effect polishes? What nail polish are you wearing at the moment? 
Love Bella x 

8 Jan 2014

Theme of the Month / Operation Organisation

Hello all. This year I have decide to do a monthly post on a theme of things to try for the month. For example this months theme is organisation, so this month I will be focusing on being more organised. I may theme a few posts on the monthly theme and maybe even some updates. You are more than welcome to join me in each monthly theme if you would like to and if you do I would love to know how you get on each month and it would be so lovely for us all to support each other. It doesn't need to be really serious stuff, I only do this for something fun to do each month and if there are any themes that you would like to see let me know them! 

So anyway onto my first theme of the month, operation organisation!

As you may know from my last post I plan on being more organized this year. So what better time then the beginning of a new year to get started, so this month will be full of all things organisation! 

Are you joining in with this months theme? Do you have any useful organisation tips?
Love Bella x 

4 Jan 2014

Keeping It Organised

Hello there! As we all know it is now 2014, and this year I plan on being more organised! So I have been having a look around to find some useful things that will help me with this. I hope they help you as well or give you some inspiration if you also want to be a bit more organised this year. 

I have looked on many websites which all had some lovely things but my favourite was paperchase. There are so many great things and what I loved most is that they weren't boring looking. I think that if you like using something then you will use it more. 

First up is this pretty flower patterned organiser. It includes a 2014 diary with a week to view on on page. It also has dividers, pockets in the front and back, and a place to attach a pen. All this and it is small enough to put in your bag to carry around with you.

There are also lots of different refills that you can get to put into your organiser. I think that these to do lists are so useful.

I really love these stickers, they include things that are used in daily life and I think look much better than just writing them in. Another thing with these is that they will stand out and therefore you are more likely to see it and not forget about it.

This is my favourite thing of them all. This multi list book includes a note pad, list pad and sticky notes, and is great for keeping organised and making note of useful or important things.

This week to view desk pad is great for planning out what needs to be done throughout the week as well as a space at the bottom fro any other notes or information. 

Last but not least post it notes. I know I have already got a lot of note pages and sticky notes, but these are great for having around the house or in your bag. They are also a good option for people that prefer just a plan design.

Do you also want to be more organised this year? What do you like using to keep organised?
Love Bella x 

2 Jan 2014


I thought that I would write a little post today sharing some exciting news. As you may have already guessed today I reached 50 followers on bloglovin'! 
I know that to some people 50 may not seem like a big number, but to me it really means a lot that 50 people like my blog enough to follow! It also means that I am half way to reaching 100 followers!
I am still new to the blogging world and I am learning new things all the time. It really means a lot that people like what I am doing. 
I would like to thank you for visiting, commenting and following my blog. It always makes me smile when I see that I have a new comment or follower. I really do enjoy chatting with all of you. 

Thank you so much to everyone following my blog, not just on bloglovin', but GFC, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. 
Love Bella x