24 Jan 2014

Friday Five

Today's Friday 5 is going to be linked with the theme of the month, operation organization. So I am going to be sharing 5 tips on being organized. 

Have a place for everything 
Giving everything a home will help keep all of your things organised. It also means that you will know where everything is, so that things are quick and easy to find.

Plan ahead
Planning ahead means that you will know what you are doing and when, as well as knowing when you need to do things by. Write out schedules of what you are doing, make note of any events coming up, and things that need to be done. 
Make use of organizing stationary
Stationary such as magazine holders, files, diary's, note books and pads are all useful ways of keeping things organized and making note of things. Organizers are great as all of your information is in one place, so you don't have to find a separate note book, diary, address book etc. 

Get rid of clutter
Clear out anything you don't need or use anymore that isn't going to be useful. For example clear out old makeup, clothes you don't wear anymore or don't fit, etc.   

Write lists 
Writing out lists of things you need to do/get/remember is so much easier than trying to remember everything. It also means you don't have to worry about forgetting anything as you will have it written down!  

I hope that these tips are helpful and come in use for anyone wanting to be more organized. 
Do you have any other useful tips on keeping organised?
Love Bella x 


  1. Great tips! Especially the plan ahead - I'm such a procrastinator that it doesn't *always* work, but my intentions to are good haha and yes lists lists lists, I seem to make them as often as possible (ie. before bed for the next day) - definitely help to stay organized! :)

    Cachoo Joo

    1. Thank you! :) Haha yes I am always making lists in the evening/before I go to bed, and then adding to them a few minutes later with something else I need to do! x

    2. Same!! I keep a pen on my bedside table incase I forget anything haha

    3. Haha yes, I have pens everywhere for when I want to make note of something! x

  2. I'm commuting to uni next week which means I'll have to do some work on the train and this excites me greatly because it means I get to organise, eeek!


    1. Ooo exciting :) Hope it goes well x


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