20 Jan 2014

Beauty Haul

Recently I have come to the end of a few products, so I went out and repurchased them as well as picking up a few extras! 

Here's what I bought:
Skin care: Simple kind to skin exfoliating body wash, Simple kind to skin deep cleansing face mask, No7 Beautiful skin face wipes, Boots cotton wool double faces oval pads
Makeup: No7 essentially natural foundation, L'Oreal color riche lipstick
Hair care: Batiste dry shampoo

Repurchase: simple exfoliating body wash. I really love simple's products and this is a great body wash for exfoliating as well as being kind and gentle on my skin. 

Repurchase: batiste dry shampoo. This is my favourite dry shampoo out of all the ones that I have tried so far. It works great for refreshing hair and adding a bit of volume. 

Repurchase: Simple deep cleansing face mask. This is my favourite skin care product at the moment. It leaves my skin feeling and looking amazing. It is also a great way for a quick skin pick me up as you only leave it on for 3 minutes.

Repurchase: No7 essentially natural foundation. I haven't finished my first one yet but as I had a voucher for money off No7 products and as I was coming close to the end of my other one I decided to get another. It is a great foundation for days when I don't want to wear much makeup but want a bit of coverage.

New product: L'Oreal color riche lipstick in 'Julianne's nude'. I don't really wear a lot of lip products and decided that I wanted to try some out. I have been looking around at lipsticks and when I came across this one I really like the colour and it isn't to 'out there' so will be great way for me to get used to wearing lipsticks. 

Repurchase: Boots cotton wool double faced oval pads. These are my favourite cotton pads. I like to use them to remove makeup and nail polish. I used to use the smaller circle pads, but I have found that the oval pads are a much better size.

New Product: No7 Beautiful skin quick thinking wipes. I had another voucher for money off No7 skin care products and decided to give these makeup wipes a try. I know that makeup wipes are not to best thing to use but I like to have them to hand and find that they can be useful. 

Do you have any of these products? What have you bought recently?
Love Bella x 


  1. I love that dry shampoo too it's essential for my fringe


    1. It's great, such a good time saver as well for when there isn't enough time to wash my hair!

  2. Love Batiste dry shampoo!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  3. Gonna have to see if one of the Target's around where I live have more Simple products! I've only tried the makeup removing wipes but I liked THEM! :)


    1. Simple products are great! I like their makeup wipes as well, they are great for removing makeup especially eye makeup :) x


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