15 Oct 2014

10 Things You Will Understand If You Have Sensitive Skin

1. When people think that they also have sensitive skin if they react to one product. It is not the same as reacting to so many different products! 

2. Your skin can get irritated to pretty much anything! (Shaving your legs is a real pain too!)

3. Reacting to products and having to hide away your red blotchy face from the world for at least 24 hours (if not more)! Even worse if you have reacted to a product before needing to go somewhere and having to decide if covering up with make up (which will quite often make it worse) or going bare faced is the best option! 

4. Samples become your best friend and so does testing products. Thank goodness for samples! These are especially great when you are trying a more expensive product! This is the same for testing a product at the counter, in fact quite often you would test it at least a good 5 or so times before buying, just to make sure! 

5. People at make up counters that think you are making up an excuse not to buy something when you say that you want to test a product and wear it for a bit before buying it. You also feel bad saying it, but it is so much better than giving in and buying the product there and then only to find out that you have a reaction to it!

6. Having to carry around the carefully selected make up wipes (that you don't react to) with you whenever you go shopping (for use when you react to a product and they won't take it off for you!) This has happened to me a few times. In fact the first time this happened I didn't have any make up wipes on me so had to go to another store and thankfully a very lovely lady on another make up counter removed it for me! 

7. When you try a new product and the first time you use it everything is fine, you are so overjoyed that you have found a product that works well and that your skin likes. Only to find that the second time you use it you end up having a horrendous reaction to! Then after that you are never sure whether to try it again or not! 

8. People think you are a beauty product snob as you will only buy from 'such and such' a brand as that is the one that you can actually use. Quite often it is the more expensive brands and only certain products, so when you ask for it as a gift you are just given the money to get it yourself! 

9. Thinking that you may as well just give up on skin care and wearing make up. Hey if it worked for cavewomen it can work for you too! 

10. Only buying from brands that will actually let you return a product if you have an reaction to it. 

Do you have sensitive skin too? What other things have you found from having it?
Love Bella x 


  1. Interesting read. I'm guilty of saying I have sensitive skin but in reality it's probably just sensitised. (And oily, and prone to spots!) happy days ay! :)
    Love Kate xx

    1. Thank you :) Haha yes I think everyone has at least one problem with their skin (if not more!) Also it is important to remember that everyone's skin is different so one persons skin may be fine with a product and someone else's skin may not be x


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