9 Aug 2013

Friday Five

For this months Friday 5 I am sharing with you, my top 5 Rimmel nail polish colours for summer. I really love to paint my nails and love so many colours. My love for Rimmel nail polishes started when I wanted to build up my nail polish collection without it being very expensive. I was first drawn to the wide section of colours as many of the other high street brands didn't have anywhere near the range of colours. I also found that Rimmel nail polish has a very affordable price but is still great quality. So anyway on to my top 5 colours for summer.

First up is a lovely summery yellow called 'sunshine'. Yellow is such a bright, happy colour and perfect for warm summer days. It is also a great colour for those colder, cloudier days as it adds a pop of sunny colour to your day. I also love the name of this polish, sunshine is a great name for this yellow as it is like summer in a bottle.

Next up is a light pearly green called 'pear drop'. It is almost an aqua green and is a lovely shade for summer time. Emerald green has been a popular colour this year but I like this as a lighter alternative for summer.

Of course you have to have a lovely bright red. I really like this one called 'hot and spicy' as it is a lighter red and not too intense or wintry. It is great if you want your nails to be bright and stand out.

I also have a lovely shade of pink called 'strawberry fizz'. Pink shades are my favourite and I love this one for summer. It isn't too dark or too light and is great for wearing every day or when you want a calmer everyday nail.

Last but not least 'tangy tangerine'. It is a lovely orange but isn't too bright and in your face. It also looks good paired with the sunshine yellow, painting each alternate nail to give that extra pop of summery colour.

So there are my top 5 summer nail polish colours. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post. I would love to know what your favourite from these is, as well as your favourite summer nail polish colours.
Love Bella x


  1. These look great! Their Salon Pro range is my favourite nail polishes of all time, I love everything about them! I'll definitely be trying one of these, thanks for sharing! xx


    1. Thanks :) I also like the salon pro polishes, Rimmel definitely have good nail polishes. I would love to know what you think if you do get one x

  2. ooh the pink color is so cute!!

    Natalie | Salt & Sail


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