12 Jul 2013

Daisy outfit

Yes you might say that having a daisy printed dress and daisy patterned cardigan together could be a bit over the top on floral, but I just love these two together. Both the dress and cardigan are from New Look
I have recently started a new thing when I go shopping, and that is if I am trying something on to pick out something I wouldn't normally go for. In some cases the item I pick doesn't suit me but in some cases I find something new that I like. This is how I came to get this dress. I don't normally go for this style of dress but I liked the pattern and thought that there was no harm in trying it on, and I am glad that I did as I really like this dress and how it looked on me. It is also a great everyday dress as it is comfortable to wear. I also picked up the cardigan and when I was trying clothes on I put it over the top of the dress and liked them both together. 
So that is how I ended up with this cute summer outfit. Do you love floral designs too? 
Love Bella x 

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