28 Aug 2014

Shopaholic Books

A bit of a different post today from the usual beauty posts as I am talking about some of my favourite books! These are the shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella. Now I say the shopaholic books as all of the books in the shopaholic series are just all so good that I can't choose a favourite! I have read them so many times and haven't got bored of them! If you are looking for something new to read, then I would definitely recommend these books.

I have already posted a book review on another of Sophie Kinsella's books 'I've got your number'. Which is another great book to read. So In this post I will do a mini review on each book and what they are about! 

All of the books follow the life of Rebecca Bloomwood, otherwise known as Becky. Becky is of course as the title suggests a shopaholic. Her best friend Suze is always on hand for the good times and the bad (and is often there to help with Becky's many troubles). There are many other people in Becky's life too but I don't want to spoil it too much so if you are interested then read on! Warning there may be some spoilers! 

The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic 

This is where the story all begins, we meet Becky Bloomwood, she is a financial journalist telling people how they should spend their money wisely. Although she isn't very good at taking her own advice, she is a shopaholic and has some serious money problems. So she does everything she can to get the money to pay her bills by saving money, earning more money and even asking her friend Suze to help by watching her spending. 

Shopaholic Abroad

Becky is moving to New York! (With her boyfriend Luke.) Now working as a financial adviser on TV she is hoping to get an exciting new job on American TV. Although as she starts to explore New York she finds that the pull of the shops and the excitement of sample sales to much and spends her day spending money and getting into some trouble. However she does end up finding the perfect job.

Shopaholic Ties the Knot 

Becky has found the perfect job, a personal shopper. Getting to shop all day long is a dream come true. But it's not the only dream come true as Luke has proposed and they are getting married! Becky is busy planning the perfect wedding day, but also trying to keep the peace. Of course trouble is not far away and Becky finds herself in a difficult position, but will she get the wedding she has dreamed of? 

Shopaholic & Sister

Becky has been an only child all her life until now, she has a sister! Becky and Luke come back from their honeymoon to find that her parents have a secret. She soon finds out that she has a half-sister, and she can't wait to meet her and go out on shopping trips with her. However things don't end up going well and it seems that her sister Jess doesn't have the same interests as Becky. The two end up falling out but Becky is determined to fix the relationship between them, but are they just too different to get along? 

Shopaholic & Baby

Becky and Luke have moved to London and their family is growing! Becky is pregnant and shopping for two. Everything has to be perfect for her bundle of joy, but it seems it might be a bit more work than she had hoped for! What with the stress of her new job, finding a house and the fact that her obstetrician is Luke's glamorous ex-girlfriend it looks like her pregnancy isn't going to be plan sailing. 

Mini Shopaholic

Becky and Luke's daughter Minnie is now two. Becky has dreams of wonderful shopping trips of the two of them and the lovely times they will have, however the reality is quite different. Minnie is very determined toddler and her favourite word being 'mine' doesn't help Becky. Struggling with Minnie, and a financial crisis Becky decides that a party is much needed, but how will she get on with planning a party on budget? 

Have you read these books or any others by Sophie Kinsella? What is your favourite book?
Love Bella x 


  1. I adore these books so much; these are my favourite!! I would say Shopaholic Abroad and Secret Dreamworld of A Shopaholic are my favourites!! X


    1. They are amazing books, I love reading them! x

  2. I have only read one of these books, will have to read the others asap!

    Hannah Heartss x

    1. Which one did you read? They are really great books, definitely worth reading! x

  3. These books seem so interesting! I think I'll read them!

    1. They are really great books to read! I'd love to know what you think too if you do read them :) x


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