25 Aug 2014

Instagram Round up

Seeing as I haven't done an Instagram round up post in a while I thought that I would share some of the pictures that I have taken on Instagram over the past few months. So into the pictures! 

The perfect nude polish, The five product face, Decisions, decisions which Essie polish should I choose?!, Pretty pink Gerbera!, Got some of the No7 shade and define shadows, Just found this blush hidden away!, My July favourites, Well might as well show you my lipstick collection seeing as it is national lipstick day, Summer shimmer

Nails of the day, pretty pink with a sparkle top coat, My favourite blush right now!, Skin care of the day, My top 3 makeup picks for summer, My top 3 summer polishes, Pretty pink polish, Benefit beauty score kit, Glamour mag has some amazing Clinique freebies this month!, Close up of the Nars blush from the Selfridges beauty project box

Makeup treats from the Selfridges beauty project box!, My June favourites, My pretty floral nail art, My favourite samples from this months Birchbox, Got some really good products in this months Birchbox!, Got some Essie nail wraps to try out.

Don't forget to go and follow me over on Instagram to keep up to date with all my photos! Which picture is your favourite? 
Love Bella x 

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