5 Oct 2013

Bamboo Face Cloth

This face cloth is like no other that I have used, and it is by far the best one I have ever tried. As I have sensitive skin it has always been difficult to find a face cloth that isn't to rough on my skin. I have tried the soft face cloths, muslin cloths and many others but none of them worked, then one day when I was in boots I came across this bamboo face cloth. It costs £3 which is only about 1-2 pounds more than some of the other face cloths available, but it is defiantly worth it! It is so soft to touch and is so gentle on my skin. After using this cloth my skin has felt much better as it isn't leaving it feeling sore or red. 
I would highly recommend this face cloth to anyone and everyone, especially people with sensitive skin. 

Do you have this face cloth? What face cloth do you like using?
Love Bella x 

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