2 Oct 2013

Bourjois Blush

Over the summer months I have used a lot of cream based blushes and as the autumn came I really wanted a change. So I went on a search for a powder blush and came across this one by Bourjois. After hearing good things about this blush along with the fact that I really like Bourjois makeup I decided to give a whirl. 

So to review I will go over the pros and cons I have found with this product.

  • There is a much wider range of colours to choose from than other brands
  • The packaging is lovely, the little round pot is by far the cutest packaging
  • It is great for traveling or popping in your bag as it isn't very big so won't take up lots of space. It also includes a little mirror and brush for on the go applying
  • It has a beautiful rose like scent to it
  • The colour is so pretty and easy to build up

  • As it is smaller it is a little bit harder to really swirl the brush around it
  • After a few uses I found that it wasn't picking up any pigment, so I have to scratch the top to create a loose powder that will then pick up
  • The brush included was quite scratchy on my sensitive skin 

Overall I think it is a lovely product and I have been enjoying using it. I think it gives a beautiful colour to my cheeks and lasts well throughout the day, as well as being easily removed. What do you think of this blush? Are there any blushes that you would recommenced trying?
Love Bella x

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