10 Feb 2015

Nails Of The Day

Valentine's Day is getting closer, so what better time than to do a Valentine's inspired nail design. Last year I painted my nails with a cute little heart pattern, so this year I have decided to create a design with lips. 

To create this design I used these polishes:
For base colour - Sally Hansen 'shell we dance'
For pink lips - Sally Hansen 'back to the fucshia'
For red glitter lips - Orly 'star spangled'
I also used a base coat and top coat to seal in the design. 

Firstly I used a base coat then painted my nails with a light pink polish. When that had dried I used a dotting tool to create the lips. To do this I created an 'm' shape then connected a curved line underneath. Then when that had dried I finished the design with a top coat. 

What do you think of this nail design? How are you painting your nails this Valentine's Day?
Love Bella x 


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    1. Thank you, glad you like them :) x

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    1. Thank you lovely :) I'm glad you like them xx

  3. This mani is so cute, I love the look of Shell we Dance :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. Thank you, glad you like it :) It is such a pretty polish isn't it. I also like that you can build up the colour of it too, so you can have a more natural light look as well as a more opaque look x


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