18 Feb 2014

Liebster Award Take 2

I have been nominated for the Liebster award (again)! I have been nominated by the lovely Chloe from Miss Sassy so make sure to have a look over at her lovely blog! 

Liebster means sweetest, nicest, dearest in German. The Liebster award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers and is about connecting bloggers and helping spreading the word of smaller blogs. 

Even though I have been nominated for this award before I thought I would still do a post on it and answer the questions Chloe asked. (It is also a good get to know me type post.) If you would like to see my first post on this award you can follow this link to it. 

Who is your style icon at the moment and why? 
I really love Rachel's style from Pink Peonies. She always have such lovely outfits. I would love to have her wardrobe! 

What inspired you to join the blogging community? 
Reading other blogs and deciding that I wanted to write a blog as well. It also seemed like a great way to talk about things I like with other like minded people! 

What is your must have fashion accessory? 
A pretty bracelet, bracelets are my favourite accessory and can be worn with so many things. 

What would be your dream job? 
I think that being a nail polish hand model would be something fun to do, as it would involve having my nails painted in lots of different colours!  

What is your favourite drug store brand? 
Maybelline, they have some amazing products and some great mascaras! 

What is your favourite magazine to read and why?
I don't really have a favourite magazine, but company magazine and Elle are the ones I get the most.

Do your prefer a home cooked meal or a takeaway? 
Home cooked meal.

Do you prefer pastel or vibrant nail shades? 
Pastel, I love pastel colours!

Heels or pumps? 
I love both, but if I had to choose pumps.

Lipstick or lipgloss?
Lipgloss, my lips get so dry and I find that lipgloss looks better on my lips than lipsticks.

Do you prefer a night out or a night in? 
At the moment a night in, it is far to cold outside haha! 

I hope this post has helped you learn a little more about me. 
What would be your answer to some of these questions? 
Love Bella x 

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