25 May 2014

Love Me Beauty box - May Edition

Hooray the May beauty box is being reviewed and posted in May! As you may know I got my last two beauty boxes quite late in the month so only ended up posting about them in the next month. However I ordered my box earlier this month and now I am posting about it in the right month. Anyway enough of my rambling and onto what's inside! 

This month I chose the edition 1 box. his months box had some non beauty related products which I really like. I know that it may annoy some people as it is supposed to be a beauty box so beauty products should be the only things, but I really like that other things are mixed in with the beauty products. 

First up a lip balm from 'Raw Skincare'. It is an all natural lip balm said to protect and calm sore dry lips instantly. I got the lip balm in 'hint of mint'. I don't mind mint scents, but for those of you who aren't so keen there is also a ginger and plain. I also got three 'tea pigs' tea bags in 'chocolate flake tea'. It is described as a chocolate biscuit dunked into tea, so if like me you love a chocolate biscuit with your tea then maybe give this a whirl! 

Next up three pocket sized notebooks from 'go stationery'. I got the pattern 'vintage ditsy' and just love the cute patterns. These are perfect for popping in your handbag for making notes on the go. I am always making notes and writing down things I need to remember so these are a perfect little extra for me. Another thing I love is nail polish and to be more precise pink nail polish. I love pink polishes so much that I will collect every shade (yes even though some are very similar in shade)! So what better than to get a pretty pink polish and also from a nail brand I haven't tried before. This polish is quite expensive at £13.50 so I am expecting good things! 

Last but not least I got three trial sized pots from 'Suti'. I haven't heard of Suti before so I'm excited to see what they are like. I got sample of their 'cleanse balm', 'purity balm' and 'fabulous foot balm'. I am hoping that the foot balm will help my feet get summer ready. 

Here is a low down of the products included from the card included in the box.

Did you get this months beauty box? What product is your favourite? 
Love Bella x 


  1. Ooh this looks like an interesting box, never heard of the Love Me beauty boxes before! Danielle xx


    1. It is really is a good box. I like that you get to choose which box, as that way you get the things would want to try x


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