12 May 2014

Favourite Things About Spring

Pastel colours
Pastel colours are my favourite colours! I love it when spring arrives and I can wear lots of pretty pastel clothes, and of course pastel nail polishes (especially pink)! 

Pretty flowers and blossoms 
I think spring flowers are so pretty and it is always so nice to go outside and see pretty flowers. This year my favourites would have to be tulips! I also love seeing all the blossom on the trees.

Better weather 
The weather slowly starts getting better and the days get longer, meaning we see more of the sun! Even though there is still a cold wind and quite often rain, there is still those sunny bright moments and days letting you know that summer is on the way.

Spring makeup
Much like a change up in clothes I like to switch up my makeup. Of course as I have already said I like to wear pretty pink polishes, I also like wearing softer, lighter coloured makeup. 

What are your favourite things about spring?
Love Bella x 


  1. The weather really is amazing in spring/summer.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. Yes it is (much better than cold winds and rain, haha!)


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