25 May 2015

Nails of the Day

This month I have had some troubles with my hands being quite dry, so I have been trying to focus on getting them back to normal again. One of the things I have been trying is painting my nails less, as this has dried out my nails and hands. However I couldn't just leave my nails unpainted throughout the whole month so I gave myself one 'nail paint'. I decided to use one of the Sally Hansen complete salon manicure polishes. These polishes include a base coat, colour and top coat. So they are pretty much a manicure all in one bottle! The perfect polish I thought, as this means only using one polish. I really like this polish and am impressed with all aspects. It apply's well, has good coverage and colour, and also lasts quite a long time! The colour that I used is called 'shell we dance' which I think is such a cute name too! 

Have you tried any of the Sally Hansen polishes? Do you have any tips for getting dry hands back to normal?
Love Bella x 

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