24 Sep 2013

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Cleaning brushes isn't the most fun thing to do, but it is very important. You should keep your brushes lovely and clean, just like with removing your makeup from your face you should also remove makeup from your brushes and tools. You may think that it isn't really important and that you can leave your brushes for a while before cleaning them, no, no, no this is very bad! You must remember that you use these tools on your face. Here are some reasons why cleaning your brushes is important.
  • Clean brushes = clean makeup application. After you have cleansed your face ready to apply makeup you don't want to them apply nasty old makeup that was left in your brushes collecting horrible bacteria.
  • You will find it so much easier to apply you makeup. As your brushes are lovely and clean your makeup will glide on much better than if there is old makeup clogging up the bristles.
  • Your skin will be in better condition. One main nasty thing that dirty brushes can lead to are breakouts and spots! Also if you do have any blemishes or spots the next time you use your brush you aren't transferring that back onto your face.
  • Your brushes will last longer. Taking care of your brushes means that they will last a lot longer and you won't have to fork out to replace your brushes so often.

Now there are two types of cleaning, spot cleaning and deep cleaning:

Spot cleaning is what you should do after each use. This is when I use my No7 brush cleanser, I fold a tissue in half and in half again then use one pump of cleanser and wipe my brush on the tissue until it looks like there isn't any makeup left. (There are also other brush cleanser by different brands.)

Deep cleaning is what you should do every week or every other week. You should definitely make sure that you deep clean your brushes every month. (How often you deep clean your brushes should depend on how often you use them, eg if you use them every day then you should really wash them at the end of each week.) This is when I would use the baby shampoo (there are also brush cleansers for this but baby shampoo works just as well and is a lot cheaper). You would rinse your brush in warm water, then take a small amount of shampoo (around the size of your thumb nail) and lather then rinse away with clean warm water, make sure that all the shampoo is gone then leave your brushes to dry. When leaving them to dry make sure that the bristles are tilted down so that the water doesn't seep into the join and loosen the glue holding the bristles in place.

So there is some hopefully helpful info on making sure that your brushes are lovely and clean! Do you have any useful tips on cleaning makeup brushes?
Love Bella x 


  1. Great post. I always procrastinate washing my brushes!

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

    1. Thanks :) I was bad at leaving them but over time I have got into a habit of cleaning them, so now it is just part of my routine x


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