15 Nov 2014

10 Things You Will Understand If You Have Sensitive Skin Part 2

As you may have guessed form the title of this post I have already done a post on '10 things you will understand if you have sensitive skin' and today's post is part 2! If you would like to read the 1st post then click on this link.

- Being so overjoyed when you have finally found a product that you love, and more importantly your skin loves to! The only thing is that, it is quite often difficult to get hold off so you end up stocking up on it! 

- Going to get beauty treatments or even getting you hair washed can be a very anxious moment, will you react, won't you? Yes I did say getting hair washed, if you have sensitive skin you will most likely also have a sensitive scalp! 

- When you find someone that also has sensitive skin and share your tips on the best product to use, only to find that you react to different things!

- Always being wary of any product even if it says suitable for the most sensitive skins! More often than not it, you will react to it! 

- Having said that after you try a new product and have a reaction to it, after your skin has calmed down you get compliments on how your skin looks better. This then leaves you deciding on whether you should carry on using it, hey if you skin looks great should you just put up with the reaction? (Serious side note, please do not do this it will do more harm than good!)

- Even when you have found a product that works well for you you still want to try other products too! Quite often being told that if you have found something that works just stick to it! 

- Having to use prescription skincare after your skin reacts but really wanting to use anything else! 

- Desperately wanting to try all these different skincare, beauty and make up products but knowing that you probably shouldn't.

- Reading the ingredients lists is a must! Too many ingredients to read quickly, back on the shelf it goes! Researching products online is also what you spend your time doing, and find it extra annoying when you have to search around for the ingredients as they aren't listed on the site! 

- Scented products are a no go, knowing that you should go for the fragrance/scent free products. If you get get scented products it will be natural scents and quite often the majority off products have a cucumber scent to them. After a while you get very fed up of this scent (and smelling like a salad!) and long to use products with all these beautiful scents but knowing you probably shouldn't! 

Do you have sensitive skin too? What other things have you found from having it?
Love Bella x 

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