25 Nov 2014

Sample Products & Try Me Size Products

I have decided that I will talk about product samples and try me sized products today. How do I get sample products? Are they worth it? Is there really enough to test the product properly? Are Sample boxes/sets worth getting? These are the top questions when talking about these product minis so onto answering them!

How do I get sample products?

- There are many ways to get sample products, the easiest and most common way is getting free samples with a purchase. Or also if you spend a certain amount you get a gift with the purchase which is quite often sample sizes of the brands other products.

- Buying magazines with sample products or free gifts is another easy way to get new products to try.

- You can also be given sample sizes from make up counters. Now don't just go up to the make up counters and ask if you can have some sample products. If you genuinely want to buy the product ask at the counter about it or ask for their advice on which product is best suited for you. They will give you advice and help you find the product best suited for you, and from there you may be given a sample to try out the product.

- Another way to get sample sized products is to buy them. Quite often brands sell little sets or miniatures of products for you to buy. Then if you like the product you can get it in full size. Subscription boxes are also another way to get sample products to try, these are great if you love trying new products.

Are sample products worth getting or buying?

In my personal opinion yes they are. They are a great way to get to try out products that are more expensive, and also good if you want to try new products without having to buy full sized products each time. If you have problem skin or sensitive skin sample sized products are the way to go as you don't want to buy a product, use it once and react to it! With a sample size you will know if your skin is ok with it before you purchase it in full size.

It can also depend on the size of the sample, e.g. looking at the image above there are two sizes of sample foundations. The smaller size would be good for testing once or twice but the larger one for a longer time.

Sample sized products can also be very useful for keeping in your handbag for touch ups and also for travelling. So if you hate having to carry around your makeup these mini's are worth investing in!

Is there really enough to test the product properly?

This really does depend on how long you like to test a product for and the size of the samples. For me I think that yes there is. Like I said above the smaller sized products you can test once or twice and larger sizes for longer. I have heard some people saying sometimes the samples are different to the full size product but I haven't come across that yet.

Are sample boxes/sets worth getting?

For me yes. Like I have already said sample sizes are a great way to see how you react to a product and if you like it. They are also a great way of trying lots of different products. Subscription boxes are a great way to try out different products and find new brands. Sets are also worth getting if you are interested in products from a certain brand, or looking to find something new. I will say to be careful and look at the prices. If a sample sized product is only a little cheaper than the full sized product itself,  it isn't really worth getting and you would be better of getting it in full size.

I hope that this post has helped you get to know a bit more about sample products, and answer some questions on them! 

What are your thoughts of sample sized products?
Love Bella x 


  1. Loved reading this post! I agree with you, samples are a perfect way to test a brand/product before purchasing the full size! I particularly like getting samples from benefit and higher end brands! :)

    Emily x // EmGrace

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed this post :) Yes I also like the little samples sizes from Benefit too (as you can probably tell from the pictures in the post, haha)! x

  2. Great post, and yes I agree... Sample sized products are good!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed this post :) x


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