12 Nov 2014

You Know That It Is Getting Close To Christmas When ....

As it comes to this time of year Christmas is fast approaching. In fact Christmas has been building up for some time now, pretty much as soon as September arrives Christmas things start appearing and people have already starting writing their wishlists! I have decided to put together a list of signs that show that it is getting close to Christmas and when you know that the festive period is well and truly on the way!

You know it is getting close to Christmas when ....

- Supermarkets start stocking the big boxes of chocolates, mince pies, Christmas cake and pudding (and many other Christmas themed foods!)

- Coffee shops bring out the Christmas/winter themed cups

- Christmas adverts on TV, well known ones being the Coca-Cola advert and of course the very talked about John Lewis advert

- Ice skating rinks start being put up

- Christmas lights start going up in town

- Your family members start nagging you about what gifts you would like

- Beauty advent calendars and gift sets are released (and already pretty much sold out!)

- Christmas jumpers are being sold and advertised everywhere 

- Cosy fluffy socks come with Santa, reindeer's and penguins on them

- You think that you should start writing some Christmas cards

What other signs of Christmas are there for you? 
Love Bella x 

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