25 Jun 2015

Summer To Do List

1. Paint nails with a bright polish - here are Essie's summer polish shades for some inspiration 

2. Wear summer dresses - there are lots of lovely summer dresses here & also here!

3. Eat ice cream

4. Go to the beach

5 Make ice cubes with fruit in them - here's how to make them

6. Have a picnic - here are some picnic food recipes

7. Find a perfume that can be your signature summer scent - this fragrance finder can help you with this! 

8. Try out some new summer hairstyles - maybe try out this beachy waves style

9. Switch up your make up - here's how to do that

10. & don't forget to wear sunscreen! - I like this one for my face, find one you like here!

What's on your Summer to do list?
Love Bella x 

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