18 Jul 2014

Blogging Tips / Clickable Blog Link

I have been blogging for over a year now and throughout that year I have learnt many new things. One of the things that I have learnt is how to leave a clickable blog link. It is really simple when you know how to do it and is also a great way for other people to easily navigate over to your blog! 

Your blog link in comments will go from this:

to this: 

On to how to do this! Firstly open up a word document (or note gadget), this makes creating the link a lot easier, and it is also saved somewhere so you just have to copy and paste it each time you want to use it instead of typing it out each time! 

Now just copy and paste or type out the link below into your document/note. 


Now that you have the link you need to replace the YOUR BLOG LINK HERE text with your blog link and the YOUR NAME HERE text with your name or your blogs name. I have shown below how I did this for my blog link. After you have done this don't forget to save the document! 

Congratulations you now have a clickable blog link! Why not test it out by leaving a comment below! Just a quick side note, please make sure that you leave a proper comment on blogs and not just your link. People don't really appreciate it and would much rather have a genuine comment, other readers are also more likely to click on your link if you have left a proper comment too! 

I hope that this has helped you and if you know of someone that would find it useful send them over too! I would love to know how you got on and if you found this helpful!
Love Bella x 

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