22 Jul 2014

Clinique Cheek Pop

Today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on one of the Clinique cheek pop blushes. When these blushes were released I knew I had to try them! From the reviews on this being one of the best blushes out there to the fact that they are the prettiest blushes ever, how could I not try it! 

First up i'm going to talk about the colour. There are 4 different shades, ginger pop, peach pop, berry pop and plum pop. I chose the shade peach pop. When I went to the Clinique counter the assistant there helped me choose the shade and after seeing what they looked like on I decided I liked peach pop the best. They are all really pretty, wearable shades and there are shades for all skin tones. The colour can be built up really well and you can easily create a natural look. 

The blush is really easy to apply and can be built up well. It lasts really well throughout the day and has a lovely silky feel to it. It is a good blush for all skin types and doesn't cling onto dry skin. I also really love the beautiful flower pattern to the blush. It is almost too pretty to use! However once I used it I just keep reaching for it, it is just too good a blush not to use! I can also reassure that the flower pattern does last as I have used the blush a lot and the pattern is still there! 

To sum up I love this blush! From the packaging and pattern to the shade and formula. For me it is the best blush I have ever used and really recommend it! This is now one of my top favourite makeup products and if I only want to wear a small amount of makeup I love to sweep this over my cheeks for a beautiful natural pop of colour. 

Have you tried this blush? What is your favourite blush? 
Love Bella x 


  1. I really want to try this! All the reviews I've seen have such positive comments. xx


    1. They are amazing blushes, I purchased this after reading so many good reviews on them and so glad I did! x


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