21 Apr 2014

Beauty Product Clear Out

Beauty Products can build up and up until you have quite a stash and often more products that you can use! But you don't need to worry right? Beauty products last forever, wrong! Beauty products go out of date, so it is important to make sure that you are only using in date products. Why is that, well these products are being used on your skin and face. If a product has gone bad you are then putting this on your skin and transfusing the bad bacteria. The product is then doing the opposite to what you are using it for. For example a face washed is used to clean your skin, but if it has gone off it is not cleaning your face only adding more nastiness. 

So you may be thinking it is time for a spring clean of your makeup. But how long do products last for? Never fear here I will go over how long to keep products and when it is time to toss them out! 

Many products will tell you how long they will last for. You can find this on the backs of products, it is a picture of a pot with a number inside (like the pictures from below). The number inside tell you how many months the product will last. 

However on some makeup products there isn't anything to tell you how long it will last, but never fear I will list a general outline of how long makeup products keep for.

Liquid - 6-12 months
Cream - 18 months
Unopened - 2 years

Pressed - 2 years
Loose - 3 years
Blush/bronzers - 2 years
Eyeshadow - 2 years

Cream based:
Blush - 6 months
Eyeshadow - 12-18 months

Liquid - 1 year
Powder/sticks - 2 years

Eye Products:
Mascara - 3 months
Eyeliner - 3 months
Liquid liners - 6 months

Lip Products:
Lipsticks - 1-2 years
Lipgloss - 1-2 years

Nail polish: 2 years

Lotions: 2 years

Remember that this is just a guide and if a product has dried, looks or smells off then throw it away. To help keep your products lasting as long as they can here are some tips:
-Sharpen pencil products after each use
-Instead of pumping the mascara wand, swirl it
-Wipe lipsticks and other stick products after use
-Use clean tools to apply makeup
-Make sure any caps/lids are securely placed back on
-Some people even find keeping products in the fridge helps them last longer

One more tip is to make a note of when you opened a product so that you know how long it has been opened for, and how long it will last. You could even write down in your diary/calender when to repurchase a product. 

Well there you go now your beauty products will always be fresh and safe to use. Do you clean out your beauty products? Are there any other tips you have?

Love Bella x 


  1. That was a great post to read, very useful explaining how long they should last, Im kinda bad at just not wanting to throw things away, but I did have a little clear out the other day and mainly got rid of make up I just don't use any more

    1. Thank you, glad you found it useful! :) I know what you mean about not wanting to throw things away as with some of my favourite products I am sad when they run out/need trowing out! (But it does mean getting to buy brand new products too! hehe) x

  2. Great post unfortunately I am really bad at ignoring expiry dates - I can perhaps get away with it because I don't have sensitive skin but I need to start checking them.

    1. Defiantly a good habit to get into :) x


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