28 Apr 2014

Wardrobe Sort Out

Last week I posted about clearing out beauty products, so this week I have decided to stick with the spring clean theme and post about sorting out wardrobes! I have decided that this year I will finally sort through everything in my wardrobe from clothes, accessories and shoes. This is all well and good, but where do I start? Well that is the question I am going to answer, so here we go!

Now first things first is to decide if you want to spend a mammoth session sorting through everything, or if you want to sort through a little bit at a time. 

Mammoth session plan of action:

1) Start by emptying your wardrobe, take out all your clothes and place in one pile, shoes in another and accessorizes in yet another pile. 
2) Decided on where to start, for example accessories, or shoes. Or on one clothing item like tops. Then work your way through all your piles.
3) When you have finished place everything neatly away back in its new home.

Sorting a little at a time plan of action:

1) Decided on where to start, eg tops, shoes etc. (basically like the mammoth plan but without emptying everything all at once)
2) Sort through the first pile, then place back neatly.
3) At another time sort through the next, then neatly place back. Carry on until you have sorted through everything.

Now you have decided on what plan of action you are going to take it is on to the sorting out process. When you are sorting though ask your self these questions or every item, 
1) Does this fit?
2) Do I like it?
3) Have I worn it recently or in the last year?

Then from your answers decided on what you are going to do this item. 
Are you going to:
- Keep
- Sell
- Throw away/donate
- Store (This is for any special occasion or memory attached items)

For example: 
- A top that you love, fits and wear a lot would be keep
- A top that either doesn't fit, you don't like, or haven't worn in ages could be either sell or throw away/donate
- Anything that is damaged or ripped should be thrown unless you can easily mend it and know that you will use it.

So there are my tips for sorting through your wardrobe! I hope that this has helped and if you have any other tips that you have found work for you I would love to hear them too! 

Have you had a sort through your wardrobe recently, or are you in need of one? 
Love Bella x 

This is just a guide on how I have found sorting out the best. If you have any other ways of sorting, or any tips you are welcome to share them in the comments as I would love to hear them and they may also help other people too! 

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