18 Dec 2013

Gift Wrapping

Today's post is all about gift wrapping! Buying and wrapping gifts is one of my favourite things. So I am sharing with you some of my favourite wrapping papers and accessories as well as some ways that I wrap up my gifts, and some helpful tips! 

To start with, the wrapping paper and accessories.

Gingerbread men wrapping paper and tag

Santa and reindeer wrapping paper and tag

These embellishments would look lovely on a parcel wrapped with brown paper and tied with string or raffia. 

This confetti would be great for putting into a gift bag. 
Not forgetting the most important thing, tape! I like using invisible tape as it looks so much neater.

For some inspiration and ideas for wrapping up your presents here are a few that I have done. 

I have left this wrapping quite simple. I have wrapped the gift in brown paper and used a red ribbon to tie around. I have also added a small tree decoration.

I have also wrapped this gift with brown paper, but this time I have used raffia instead of ribbon and glued on some orange slices. (Depending on the gift inside you could use a cool melt glue gun to stick on, but it is best if you use a cool glue, PVA or sticky pads- which I have used.) 

Again the gift has been wrapped in brown paper and this time I have used two different christmas themed washi tapes and stuck these along the edge. I have then tied on a couple strings of raffia and the tree decoration. 

I think that the brown paper gives it a more homemade look, but you can also use decorated wrapping paper, and decorate with matching coloured ribbon and bows. 

Some gift wrapping tips: 
  • Make things easier for yourself by placing awkward to wrap gifts into a box. Alternatively wrap with tissue paper and place in a gift bag.
  • When wrapping the edges of a gift, cut down the wrapping paper so there is less to fold down. This will make it a lot easier to fold, and will make it look a lot neater. 
  • Instead of using one long piece of tape, use smaller pieces of tape and only place where they are need to hold down the paper. This looks neater and also means that the person unwrapping the gift isn't fighting to get into it!
  • Label the gift - who it is for and who it is from as you wrap them. There is nothing worse than wrapping up all your gifts and then forgetting who each one if for!
  • Don't worry if you aren't very good at cutting a straight line, just fold over the cut edge and wallah you have a perfect neat edge!
Don't be ashamed of what your gift looks like! (This is for all those people that dislike wrapping presents and think that they don't look their best.) It does take practice to be able to wrap up gifts neatly, just think that by next year you could be amazing! If you really can't stand wrapping gifts you can always find someone to wrap them up for you! If you do get someone else to wrap them make sure to find someone else to wrap up theirs, so that they don't see what they are getting! 

Many people may feel that wrapping up gifts and decorating them is a waste, but I personally think that it shows that the person giving you the gift has spent time, and effort on making sure that you have something beautiful to unwrap. It also looks so wonderful when you have beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree. 

I hope this post has helped and given you some inspiration. What is you favourite way to wrap up presents? Do you like receiving beautifully decorated gifts?

Love Bella x 


  1. Love the orange slices, very cute idea! :) x


    1. Thank you :) I have really loved using them this year for decorating x

  2. Love these ideas! That raffia and orange slices one looks gorgeous!

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

    1. Thank you, glad you like them :) I really love the natural look of the orange slices and raffia x

  3. I love wrapping gifts! I did mine very similar to you! brown paper and raffia. these are so pretty! xx

    1. Thank you :) I think it is so simple but effective x


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