1 Dec 2013

Hello December

It is now December, and on the 25th it is Christmas! I have decided that in this month I will do more posts which will be winter and Christmas themed. I may post everyday or every few days but you can expect loads of wonderful wintry and Christmas things! 

I have decided not to do blogmas as I wanted to have fun doing these posts and posting everyday can be stressful. So I am doing my own take on blogmas and have called it bellamas! Haha I know it is a bit weird to call it that, but I decided on that as it is then my own take on it but still includes all the Christmas fun! 

I have lots of wonderful posts lined up for you all and am so excited to get started! As well as the posts that I have in mind. You are very welcome to leave any post ideas of things that you would like to see as well, as it is you reading these posts and I would love to post things that you all want to see as well! (you can leave any ideas in the comments, in an email, or tweet me @MissBellablogs)

So if you want to keep up to date on it all be sure to follow me on bloglovin', twitter, Instagram and if you would like me to create a Christmas/winter themed board on Pinterest let me know! (All my links are on the side bar and the bottom of the post.) 
So come on over and chat all things Christmas, winter, blog or just say hi! If you want any advice or tips feel free to ask and I will do my best to help as well. 

Love Bella x 

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