6 Dec 2013

Stocking Fillers and Secret Santa

I have been browsing through online shops and love looking at all the stocking filler and secret Santa items. I have made a collection of some of my favourite ones.

Girly Gifts

Boys Toys


Warm and Snug

Little Extras

I hope you like these and maybe given you some inspiration on what you would like or what to give someone else. Which is your favourite out of these? What do you hope to get in your stocking?
Love Bella x 


  1. Really cute wishlists! I like the Blush candle, i've had one for christmas before! lol it smells awesome xoxo


    1. Thank you, glad you like them :) I really like that the candle has decoration on the top and they have really pretty scents!

  2. The glitter mirror is so cute, I would have loved something like that a few years ago. Cute slippers as well :)


    1. I think that the glitter mirror is great for this time of year (there is also one like this without glitter!) The slippers are my favourite, I like these better than the 'bootie' ones as I find that they can sometimes be too bulky x

  3. The toastie notes seem like the perfect gift for my little brother! Boys are so hard to buy for but I think he would like that and a few other small bits! I just found your blog via the bblogger chat on twitter, you send me your link :) So glad you did, I'm going to be scrolling through all of your other posts now!

    holly xxx

    1. Boys are always so difficult to buy for! Glad that I have helped and given you an idea :) I'm really happy that you like my blog! x


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