4 Dec 2013

Homemade Hampers and Gifts

At the moment there are so many gift guides, so I wanted to do something different and create a homemade gift guide. I have seen that a lot of people would like to make some presents for family and friends but just aren't sure of what to make. I really think that handmade gifts are so lovely to give, they show care and love and that you have put a lot of effort into making something special for someone, and that it a wonderful gift to receive. They are great for the people who have everything, people who you don't know what to get and lovely as little extras. Making something can also be a cheaper way to give gifts. Although it isn't always the cheapest so just keep an eye on how much it would cost you to make and compare it to how much it would be to buy. 

I have been making handmade gifts for a few years and really enjoy it. I also give bought gifts to and think that mixing in the homemade gifts makes it extra special. The people that I have given homemade gifts to really love it and have enjoyed them just as much as the bought gifts, so it really is worth doing! 

So onto the gifts! I have lots of ideas and I have separated them into some lists. I have also put links to some helpful websites as well. (I have included gift ideas for everyone.)


- Beauty : Fill with lots of their favourite beauty products, a pamper day hamper with face masks and other beauty treatments, makeup that they like, or even a get started set for younger girls wanting to start experimenting with makeup, you can also include homemade beauty products like a sugar scrub, soap, bath bombs/fizzers, lip scrub, face mask. 

- Foodie : You can either buy the food or make it your self or even do a bit of both, BBC food and BBC good food have lots of great recipes, some ideas: chutney, biscuits, cookies, cakes, sweets, truffles, mince pies.

- Hobby based : Do they have a hobby or want to start one? Fill it with some things that they may need or would be helpful.

- A few of their favourite things : Make or buy some of their favourite things, do they like chocolate? make some chocolate truffles, do they like beauty? add a sugar scrub. This is great for men as you can fill it with some of there favourite things eg a book they might like, a DVD of a film or TV show, some of their favourite food, socks, even some beauty products (skin care, hair care).

- Funny : Fill it with things that will make them laugh, a funny DVD or book. Or even fill with lots of little stocking stuffers for kids, wind up toys etc.

- Let their personality shine : Fill with things that remind you of them, and that suit their personality. Are they girly? Fill with pink and glittery things. Do they like cooking? Fill with cooking books, cutters and utensils. Do they like DIY? Fill with lots of DIY tools, project ideas (and if they are prone to hurting themselves maybe a first aid kit!)

Gifts in a jar:
Like a smaller version of a hamper. 
Great ideas for gifts in a jar.

- Manicure: nail polish, nail file, mini nail polish remover and pads
- Make your own cookie/cake: put in some ingredients and add recipe so that they can make it themselves 
- Baking accessories: cupcake cases, mini grater, mini whisk, cookie cutters 
- DIY accessories 
- Gardener: seed packets, seeds, mini windmill
- Artist: pencils, pens, paints
- Jigsaw puzzle

So there are some ideas. You can also give the gifts in any way you like it doesn't have to be in a hamper or jar, it's up to you. I hope that this was helpful and has given you some ideas. If you know anyone that wants to make their own gifts be sure to send them over here to have a look! I also have a pinterest page and will be pinning some winter/Christmas things on there so go and check that out!

Are you going to make any gifts this year? Which is your favourite gift idea?
Love Bella x 

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